Free Bets | Free No Deposit Betting Bonuses

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    Free bets have become an integral part of the online betting industry. Old and new bookmakers have to buckle up since the competition never sleeps on its ride to the top of the market. The chase after customers and new bettors has been taken to another level and free bets are the reason for it. More and more bookies try to attract new clients by offering very attractive and irresistible free bet bonuses and promotions. Free bets take on many forms and shapes and they depend on the bookmaker who offers them.

    The free bet policy has proven effective in the last several years since customers really appreciate a round or two of free bets and they tend to choose their bookmaker based on free bet bonuses. We can freely say that sportsbook service packages have to include free bets, if not on a constant and regular basis, than in the form of seasonal promotions (but they better be frequent) if the bookmaker wants to enlarge its customer-base and maintain a good reputation.

    New customers and potential bettors should check out the bookmaker thoroughly. After checking if the bookmaker is safe and reliable, they should also take a look at the promotions and bonuses (including free bets) that the bookmaker offers. Maybe this is not even necessary to mention, since they will probably do it anyway.

    What Are Actually Free Bets?

    Free bets represent a kind of stimulation on behalf of the bookie to attract new customers. We can classify free bets in two major categories. They are:

    • Stake Returned Free Bets
    • Stake-Not-Returned Free Bets

    The stake returned free bets refer to placing bets with the bonus money, and if you have a winning bet, you get the profits on that, as well as the free bet money amount. The stake-not-returned free bet is just the opposite of the stake returned free bet. If you win, you are allowed to collect the winnings, but the free bet amount will not be refunded.

    What are the most common, most lucrative, and best offers is listed below. Let us see what kinds of free bets are waiting for you if you decide to join a bookmaker. New punters can be easily misled by different offers, but if you read our review, you can get an idea of which free bet promotions and bonuses to pursue. Let’s check them out below.

    The 100% Deposit Free Bet

    This is one of the free bet offers that will catch the eye of every bettor and potential bettor. What is even better is that this free bet bonus is quite common with some bookmakers. Imagine, you make a deposit and get the double out of it. As you probably already assume, this kind of free bet bonus requires a deposit. The amount of the deposit depends on the bookmaker’s bonus policy. Sometimes, it is $10, sometimes $20, etc., but no matter how much the minimum amount is, you get the double.

    An important feature of this kind of free bets is that they cannot be withdrawn. Many new customers think that they can take the money and use it for other purposes, but to remove all misunderstandings, please notice that the bonus can be used for betting purposes only. Every bonus comes with the Bonus Terms and Conditions which means that the bettor will need to meet certain requirements. They usually include betting a certain amount of times of the bonus money, e.g. you might be required to roll over the bonus amount 5x, 6x, etc. Once you fulfil all conditions from the Terms and Conditions, you are free to withdraw your winnings. Bookmakers usually limit the bonus to a certain amount of money, like $100 or $200.

    Most punters are ok with this bonus policy and they would rather bet that money anyway than use it for other purposes. If the bookmaker plays by the rules and lets you withdraw your profits with no complications after you met the requirements, then, this bonus is more than just a good deal. It is an excellent deal.

    No Deposit Free Bet Bonuses

    Some bookmakers do not even require a deposit and generously sponsor your first bet or bets. This is covered by the no deposit bonus. The only thing you have to do is registering with a bookmaker who offers this bonus and a certain amount of money will be transferred to your account. They usually amount to $5, $10, or $20. This bonus is also not automatically withdrawable, but requires you to make a few turnovers before you can cash in the prize money. Some of the free bet no-deposit offers require you only to turn over as little as 3 times and you are all set afterwards. Usually, this kind of free bet promotions is time-limited and you will be required to meet the requirements up to a certain date. Most of the times, the free bet bonus is valid for 30 days.

    The no-deposit bonuses and promotions are not found very often with bookmakers since the majority of them relies on deposits. This means that you will have to take a more detailed look at bookmakers to find the one with this rare offer.

    Refund Your First Bet with the Refund Bonus

    Also very common in the bookmaking market is the guarantee of getting your funds back when you place your first bet. The bonus offers risk-free betting, since you will get your money back in case you lose the bet. This bonus is also aimed at newcomers to the market and restricted to first bets only. This is also a good method to attract new clients since the potential bettor gets a free shot to test out their luck.

    Post-Wager Deposit Bonus

    As with the deposit bonus, this free bet bonus is also based on percentage. Post wager deposit bonuses are specifically oriented towards requirements the bettor has to meet. Deposit bonuses will be transferred to you instantly and then you focus on the requirements, but the post-wager bonus will be available to you only after wagering the specified amount of times. On the plus side, once the bonus is released, you are free to withdraw it with no strings attached. This bonus could be also called a deposit bonus just the other way around.

    Free Bet Bonuses Defined by the Odds Requirements

    Some free bet bonuses are strictly conditioned by odds. The bookmaker sets the minimum odds requirements. This means that you have to choose matches with the corresponding odds. For example, if the bookmaker sets the minimum odds at 4.00, you only choose matches with these odds and upwards.

    Same Address Friendly Bonus a.k.a. Partner Friendly Bonus

    Some bookmakers have a sophisticated bonus policy and take into account people living under the same roof. When registering online with a bookmaker, it is often the case that people or family members or partners are not allowed to use the bonuses individually. This happens when a bookmaker hands out bonuses per household. Well, luckily, some bookmakers contemplated about that issue and the result is the Partner Friendly Bonus which allows each member of the household to register under the same address for a bonus.

    Is There Anything In for Regular and Loyal Customers

    Even if the majority of bonuses seems to be directed only to newcomers, existing customers are not neglected either. The top bookmakers show appreciation for customer loyalty and display it in the form of free bets and other kinds of promotions. For example, free bet reload bonuses are one of the bonuses for existing customers. These, so-called, recharge bonuses are pretty much common and they work like deposit bonuses. You deposit a certain amount, and the bookmaker “recharges” your deposit with a pre-determined bonus percentage.


    We can see that a lot of different offers can be found with different bookmakers. Some of the offers seem very generous and feasible. As we can see, punters have to be familiar with the bonus terms and conditions in order to fully understand the bonus policy. Inexperienced newcomers are often surprised by the requirements they are asked to meet, and that is one of the reasons never to sign up for a bonus unless you are completely aware of what you have to do on your part.

    It is important for new customers to understand that bookmakers cannot give away money for free, since bookmaking is a business just like any other. The bookmaker has also its benefits from its bonus policy. First of all, they attract new customers, which automatically means more turnovers. Second, bonuses are not exactly free since they come with wagering requirements which generate the profit of bookmakers. Free bet bonuses can be regarded also as an investment on part of the bookmaker who earn their money back through free bet terms and conditions. Still, free bets are a fair deal given that bettors get rewarded in the end with extra money if they wager sufficient times. All in all, punters welcome every free bet opportunity and enjoy betting with free money and we can call it a win-win situation.