Free Parking a Thing of Past in Numerous Las Vegas Casinos

    Casinos and parking lot

    For a long time, most Las Vegas casinos offered free parking for their guests. However, this trend seems to be coming to an end. First, it was MGM Resorts who decided to charge their patrons for parking privileges. Shortly after, a few more casinos followed the suite.

    USA, Nevada, Las Vegas, casinos and parking lot, sunset

    USA, Nevada, Las Vegas, casinos and parking lot, sunset

    Is Money the Reason?

    Following on the MGM Resorts decision to introduce fees across their properties, Caesars Entertainment decided to do the same. A number of Caesars venues, like The Linq, Harrahs, Ceasars Palace, and Planet Hollywood will no longer offer the convenience of free parking.

    The move may seem odd at first, as the amount the venues can charge for parking pales in comparison to what their patrons are willing to leave behind inside their properties. This decision, however, wasn’t motivated by the amount parking fees could potentially bring in.

    Lack of Parking Space

    As Richard Broome of Caesars Entertainment explained, they’ve been receiving a lot of complaints from customers not being able to park their vehicles. It is in the casinos’ best interest to treat their valuable, high-spending customers well. If they can’t even park their car when visiting, that’s a serious problem.

    With parking being completely free, parking lots and garages have become overcrowded. The number of residents and tourists in Las Vegas is huge and parking space will always be an issue. However, it isn’t an issue casinos need to deal with.

    Customer Comes First

    Some players may find this decision cheap. However, with casinos, a customer always comes first. Of course, parking fees will hit some of the regular customers as well, so that’s a flip side of this coin. But, from a casino’s perspective, those most valuable of customers will probably have no issues with paying parking fees. These will represent a negligible amount in comparison to sums they wager at the tables.

    The decision may have some negative influence on the MGM and Caesars business, but it will certainly create more parking space. Some players will be thrilled about it, some will be a bit disgruntled. Whatever happens, though, one thing is certain. No one will stop gambling in Las Vegas, so it will be business as usual for the casinos.

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