Fruit Case Slot Game Review

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    If you are the kind of online gambling player who prefers having some fun while playing casino online, Fruit Case slot is the game for you. This online casino slot is absolutely bonkers. NetEnt decided to create one of their sillier Slot Machines to date with Fruit Case.

    Unlike online casino slot machines that take themselves seriously, Fruit Case is all about fun. Online gambling fans have a chance to win big money with the multipliers system while having an amazing time. Playing casino online just got a lot sillier.

    Fruit Case Slot Features

    Fruit Case slot

    Fruit case is an insanely addictive game. Unlike some other slot machines, it keeps you completely immersed throughout. If you are looking for a casino online game with plenty of features, Fruit Case will give you that.

    The first exciting feature of this online casino game is the Avalanches. Instead of just spinning the reels and collecting, each spin starts an Avalanche. If you win, winning symbols disappear, others fall through, and new symbols replace them. This makes playing casino online slot machines like Fruit Case very enjoyable and exciting.

    During each spin, Wild symbols can appear. The Wild symbol carries 2x multiplier at first, but with each new avalanche, the multiplier increases. Multipliers increase up to x8, and multiple Wilds are available per avalanche. This makes playing this online casino game very lucrative.

    Like most slot machines, Fruit Case also includes free spins. Called Free Falls, the free spins in this online casino game are awarded when three Free Fall symbols appear on the first three reels. The free spins can be retriggered during the spins. All winnings in free spins are multiplied by three. This means you could potentially have a win multiplied by 24 while playing this casino online game.

    Fruit Case Graphics And Audio

    Few online casino slot machines offer graphics as silly as Fruit Case. The crazy fruit symbols coupled with silly sounds make it an enjoyable online gambling experience. You will be laughing and giggling with every new spin. While somewhat simple, the graphics and audio of the slot make it stand out from other slot machines.

    Final Words

    Online gambling should not be a serious activity. With Fruit Case, playing casino online will never be serious again, and you can enjoy every spin laughing away. Instead of the frustration caused by some slot machines, Fruit Case will give you a chance to enjoy playing online casino like never before.

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