Gambling Age In Nevada Unlikely To Change

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    Recent reports from the Silver State gave the youngest of gamblers in America some hope that they may yet be able to gamble on American soil before the age of 21 as a bill proposed by Assemblyman Jim Wheeler earlier in the month suggested that the legal gambling age be reduced to 18.The Silver State Not To Reduce Age Restriction

    The same bill also still proposed that legal drinking age remain 21 and was introduced due to a very young war veteran directly asking the Assemblyman the question in everyone’s mind: “If I am old enough to die for America, how am I not old enough to gamble in America?”

    Despite the bill definitely having some merit and making a lot of sense, recent reports are claiming that the bill is already dead in the water and that the law on gambling age in Nevada will not be changing anytime soon.

    Law Dates Back To 1931

    The original gambling laws in the state of Nevada are very old and the one restricting gambling age to 21 was first passed in 1931. The law remains in power to this date and while it certainly seems to make lots of sense that people who are old enough to enlist for the army would be allowed to gamble, there are plenty of opponents of such a measure.

    For starters, introducing a law where gambling is allowed for 18 year old people, but drinking within a casino is not, would be a regulatory concern right off the bat. Plenty of other problems may arise with such a law and both the casinos and the Nevada Gaming Commission would rather not have to deal with such issues as the potential return for the house would be relatively small.

    Internationally Accepted Age

    In most countries of the world, including the European Union, the legal age to gamble, drink alcohol, purchase cigarettes and do all the adult stuff that the country allows is usually 18. For the most part, the world has accepted that people become adults at 18 and given some modern trends we can actually see that it happens much earlier nowadays.

    Sheldon AdelsonYet, for a country that so often advertises itself as the land of the free, USA certainly seems to have plenty of restrictions when it comes to the 18 to 21 year old group and if we consider the fact that it is still nearly impossible to gamble online in most of the country, we should be asking ourselves, why is the USA doing so much to restrict gambling. Is it to protect its citizens from the scourge of gambling?

    The answer in fact seems to be far from this, as some of the biggest opponents of online gambling such as Sheldon Adelson are in fact some of the largest sharks in the brick and mortar casino industry and all of it just smells very fishy. When it comes to allowing younger people to gamble, it seems it is simply too much hassle.

    In the end, despite Assemblyman Wheeler’s attempts, it seems that the bill is already dead, according to both a regulator of the Nevada Gambling Commission and the Chairman of the same body who claims there is no real interest in the gambling industry for the legal gambling age to be reduced.

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