Gambling Budget of Macau Residents Doubled, a Study Claims

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    According to a study conducted by the University of Macau, the average gambling expenditures of Macau residents have more than doubled since 2013.The study was conducted on the sample of 2,000 Macau residents. They were asked a series of questions via the telephone and the final conclusions of the study are quite interesting.

    Macau Casinos at Dusk

    Macau Casinos at Dusk

    Fewer Gamblers Spending More

    This year’s study results were compared to 2013. The most important thing to note was that, on average, Macau residents spent 110% more on gambling activities in 2016. Monthly gambling expenditures per player were around 1,000 MOP (Macau Pataca), which is right around $125. Compared to average monthly salary in Macau, this isn’t a huge number.

    While the amount people spend on gambling went up significantly, the number of those engaging in gambling activities actually dropped. In 2013, 67.9% of participants were regular casino visitors. In 2016, that number decreased to 49.5%. So, Macau has fewer gamblers who spend more on average.

    Reasons for Playing

    Survey participants were fairly honest with their answers. A large majority admitted the main reason they visited casinos was the chance of winning some money. A smaller part of survey participants stated they want to have some fun and participate in non-gambling activities.

    Average Macau Casino Customer

    In terms of age and employment, males between the ages 55-64 with secondary level education, working in shifts, made up the biggest percentage of casino-goers. Male professionals aged 25 to 34 were the ones who enjoyed slot machines the most. This group was also most involved with sports betting.

    Problem gambling doesn’t seem a big issue in Macau as of yet. Only 2.5% of participants demonstrated any signs of problem gambling. However, more than 60% of those who were contacted actually knew what problem gambling was. The lack of awareness in the Asian gambling hub was somewhat concerning.

    In light of these results, the IAS (Social Welfare Bureau), the organization behind this survey, emphasized they were planning to increase the education on the matter. Problem gambling is a serious issue worldwide, and in a place like Macau, it is very important for people to understand all the seriousness of this issue. The IAS will thus improve their efforts to spread the awareness through various means available to them.

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