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    star cash slot
    Game Art 26-10-2019

    Star Cash Slot Review

    Star Cash Online Casino Slot Those who seek for some strong currency and enjoyable online casino slots should look no further than GameArt’s stellar Star Cash. The game features various multicoloured currencies that function as symbols and an interface that resembles a spaceship’s cockpit. Seeing this, it’s hard not to think about blasting into space […]

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    power dragon slot review
    Game Art 25-10-2019

    Power Dragon Slot Review

    Power Dragon Online Casino Slot From the house of GameArt comes an online slot that boasts with the power to turn everything to gold. This might be due to the fact that the entire interface of the game is almost completely golden-coloured. This is probably supposed to inspire players to go for the wins since […]

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    kitty twins slot review
    Game Art 24-10-2019

    Kitty Twins Slot Review

    Kitty Twins Online Casino Slot GameArt is famous for featuring- a great number of beautifully designed online casino slots, but Kitty Twins takes the cake. It is not just beautiful; it is insanely cute and adorable. Add to this the fact that this slot’s main characters are the most prominent animals on the internet – […]

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    Game Art 23-10-2019

    Cleopatra Jewels Slot Review

    Cleopatra Jewels Review One of many slot machines featuring Cleopatra theme, Cleopatra Jewels was developed by GameArt. The ancient queen of Egypt captures the imagination of many online casino game developers. They keep coming up with creative ways to give new life to this ancient topic. GameArt is known as a developer of online casino […]

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    88 riches slot
    Game Art 22-10-2019

    88 Riches Slot Review

    88 Riches Online Casino Slot Just like the number 7 is considered a lucky number and the number 13 is considered to bring bad luck in the West, so is the number 88 considered to be connected to both luck and wealth in China. This fascination with the number 8 is deeply rooted in the […]

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