Gems Gone Wild Slot Review

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    Gems Gone Wild Slot Review

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    Gems Gone Wild is a wildly entertaining while somewhat old fashioned online casino game. The game features your classic gems in different colors, seen in so many other slot machines, but uses a completely new way to make the game come to life and breathe the breath of novelty.

    The game features 20 paylines across its five reels, with different beautiful gems appearing as the only symbols of the game. Yet, the secret about this one lies in the fact that these gems can go absolutely wild and increase in value drastically.

    So how does the game of Gems Gone Wild work and is it worth playing? We took a good look to find out just that for the sake of our players.

    Gems Gone Wild Slot Review gameplay

    Gems Gone Wild Gameplay Features

    Most online casino players are used to slot machines with many gameplay features such as free spins, bonus rounds and various other quirks. However, the game of Gems Gone Wild is the kind of online casino game with just one, but valuable trick.

    The only thing that gems in Gems Gone Wild is, as the name of the game says, go wild. Any gem can turn into a Wild symbol during any spin and they usually do so in groups. When this happens, the rest of the tiles are spin again, with additional chances of more gems turning Wild. You will be hoping to see multiple repeat re-spins for the ultimate wins.

    While we would love to see another feature or two in this game, Gems Gone Wild does pay quite handsomely every few spins or so and you can hope for some huge wins if you get lucky with the Wilds. The game is very simple to play and you will not have to torture yourself with understanding how each of the features work or which ones you are hoping for. The game keeps it simple and you know exactly what you need to happen.

    Gems Gone Wild Slot Review game

    Gems Gone Wild Design, Audio and Gameplay

    Gems Gone Wild keeps it simple in every sense, including the game design. The game is set on a sort of a space themed background with all symbols being represented by gems of different colors that work together to form clusters that pay the player.

    There is a bit of a futuristic sounding audio theme playing in the background as you spin the reels and the animations while simplistic will keep things very cool when the symbols are turning into the Wilds. Overall speaking, for those players who prefer not having to worry about a dozen different features, this game provides a more classic approach to online casino games and one much appreciated by a significant portion of the player pool.

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