Golden Lotus Slot Review

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    Golden Lotus Slot Review

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    If you have always been fascinated by the tranquil Zen gardens of the Buddhist monks and Asian culture in general, Golden Lotus is an online casino game that will leave you breathless. With its fabulous graphics and sounds which touch the very edges of transcendence, you are bound to have a wonderful time while playing this online casino slot machine.

    Golden Lotus is a 20 payline casino slot machine which provides ample opportunity for rich payouts along with the design and sound scheme that aims to distract, calm and relax every player who enters and move your thoughts away from everyday troubles you are facing.

    If you want to find out more about the Golden Lotus online casino slot machine, continue reading below and discover the exciting gameplay features the game offers as well as other particulars.

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    Golden Lotus Online Casino Game Features

    Golden Lotus offers slightly fewer gameplay features than many other Red Tiger Gaming games. The game revolves around the Golden Lotus Wild symbol which appears often across the tiles along with the other symbols.

    Golden Lotus Wild is a wild symbol which substitutes for all other symbols except the Free Spins symbol and each Golden Lotus that appears on the tiles gets locked there for up to 10 spins, randomly. Magic Petals feature activates randomly as well and when it does, it is going to lock the Wilds currently on the tiles for some additional spins.

    Stopping three or more Free Spins symbols triggers the free spins features. During the free spins feature in Golden Lotus, each Wild will remain locked for the duration of the free spins. Free spins can be further extended and since all the Wilds remain locked, you could quickly be looking at some major payouts.

    While the game does not offer any other gameplay features, it is in fact quite lucrative to play as the Locked Wilds feature can turn the Golden Lotus into a gold machine within just a few spins.

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    Golden Lotus Online Casino Game Design And Audio

    Golden Lotus is another Red Tiger Gaming game with an Asian theme. The Lotus Wilds and Geisha Scatters all point directly to the ancient Chinese customs and culture and will leave those who enjoy this type of an environment in a state of absolute joy.

    Overall speaking, the design of the game is absolute top notch, gameplay is fast and without delays and you are bound to relax and unwind with Golden Lotus as the game provides a very calming atmosphere and experience.

    We recommend you this game if you are under a lot of stress and like to play slots as it is likely to put your mind at ease and allow you to move your thoughts away from the everyday worries and troubles of work, studying or family problems.

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