Golden Offer Slot Review

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    Golden Offer Slot Review

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    Chinese culture and history are well represented in Red Tiger Gaming games and Golden Offer is another game that celebrates them. Golden Offer is set within an ancient Chinese temple, guarded by two powerful stone lions, who may come alive and make your luck change for the better.

    In principal, Golden Offer is a 40 payline slot with uneven amount of symbols on each reel. Other than the low paying number symbols, symbols such as Ying Yang, pearl and a golden lion appear on the reels, with a Wild symbol also in play.

    The game is designed in a style quite consistent with what you may see in Chinese casinos and is sure to appeal to gamblers from Asian regions. We decided to have a closer look and find out how we like it and whether we can recommend it to our players.

    Golden Offer Slot Review game

    Golden Offer Gameplay Features

    The main feature of this exciting online casino game is the Golden Offer feature. The feature is normally triggered by three Golden Offer symbols stopping on reels 2, 3 and 4. When this happens, you get three Golden Offers in order. Every offer will be for a cash amount and you may choose to accept or refuse the offer. If you refuse you move onto the next one. You must accept the third offer if you get to it.

    However, this is not the only feature of Golden Offer. The two guardian stone lions on the gateway of the temple come alive every so often and trigger one of the random features of the game. The random features include Special Reels, Wild Reels, Lion’s Nudge and Swap Tiles and each guarantee a handsome payment. Finally, the lions may also trigger the Golden Offer feature as well.

    With such a great number of gameplay features, you can bet that you will have some nice payouts coming your way quite often.

    Golden Offer Slot Review gameplay

    Golden Offer Design, Audio and Gameplay

    Golden Offer is designed in a classic Chinese style, with plenty of symbols, music and elements from the Chinese culture. As such, the slot really appeals to the Asian players, but it is also very interesting to people from other nations as it brings something different and unorthodox.

    The game plays at an even faster pace than most Red Tiger Gaming slot machines and with the great number of paylines and features, you can expect something to constantly be happening and very little idle time between spins.

    We highly recommend you give this slot a shot if you are in search for an online casino game to bring you out of your routine and into an unknown territory in terms of both gameplay and design.

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