Golden Ticket Slot Review

    Golden Ticket

    Circus slot machine – A circus slot machine you say? You never saw an online casino out there give free spins on Golden Ticket Slot Golden Ticket slot? This can`t be any good, can it? Well, let me start off by saying, this is my favourite slot machine ever. Even though I don`t get any free spins from any online casino, I love this game.

    By the way, my favourite online casino at the moment is They have a great free spin feature.

    But back to Golden Ticket slot. I prefer the higher bets on Golden Ticket. When you hit the Golden Ticket, you want to be sure you got enough juice to make a significant payday. I always prefer high bets when I`m playing at an online casino. To all you online casino managers out there, I want free spins on Golden Ticket! Give me my free spins!

    Golden Ticket Slot Gameplay

    So how does this work? Well instead of having your wheel based slot machine, this one has a grid based system, five times five grid. You need at least three in a row, either horizontally and vertically. And every time the possible combinations has run, the multiplier takes effect and starts over. So what you want on this slot machine, is a slow roll that builds up. When you hit the 7 or 8 multipliers, your smile will show up in no time. Getting what you want, cash out from the online casino.

    Bonus feature at Golden Ticket slot

    Ok, so we have the wild that turns up every time you get three in a row. We got the multiplier system. What else does this slot machine have? Well, it has a great bonus feature as well. Every time you hit the start button, the slot machine will decide how many bonus chances you get. If you get two bonus chances and clear both sections of the grid, you get a bonus game with a two times multiplier.

    And if that`s not all (i just felt like a bad tv commercial for steak knives), you get ten free spins on this bad boy. And you can get five extra spins during the feature. My personal record is 20 free spins on this bonus feature. Hit the town pretty hard, when the weekend came with a pocket full of cash. Thank you, Rizk!


    I`ve had big cash outs from Rizk many times because of this feature. You got to Rizk it if you want to eat the biscuit! Yes, I know I already mentioned Rizk, but Rizk is a great online casino. And I have played a lot of online casinos, many of them are shit! Not because of bad design or poor selections. No, because they suck when it comes to payouts. Rizk has one of the fastest payout systems I have ever come across. Usually, it`s win today, the cash in your bank account tomorrow. And with a payout of 96 percent, you have a great chance of making that happen with Golden Ticket.
    Golden Ticket Mobile Slot

    Easy overview

    Another thing I like about Golden Ticket slot game, as for all of the slot machines I have played from Instead of showing the payout in coins so that you have to do the math yourself. The slot machines from «Play`n Go» show you what the payout will be with your current betting setting. Easy peasy japaneasy!


    Of course, it helps with a bit of luck when you are playing at an online casino. But what also helps is kick ass deposit bonus. Get your sign up bonus here for this super online casino.

    They have lots of free spins. It`s a great online casino.

    PPS. Ok, I`ll admit it, I`m a Rizk fanboy J

    The big prize

    So what`s the big tamale here? Well if you`re playing in euros, the grand prize is 40 000. That should keep your wallet filled up for the holiday. I`m still waiting for it to come my way. The catch is, to hit the big one, you have to have the settings to maximum warp, €40. So make sure you get that casino bonus before you get started.

    Hey, that`s a good idea, give out maximum warp free spins. I`ll play at any online casino that offers something like that. Do it! Now play this bad ass game already.

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