Golf Betting Guide | Golf Betting Tips, Odds & Promotions

    Golf bettingGolf betting is among the most common options for online betting. It has always been one of the most popular sports in the world. Therefore, it is not surprising that the golf betting attracts a large number of bettors. If you are new to online betting, then you may be overwhelmed with the range of options for golf betting at first. However, you need to pick the bookmaker which suits you best and consequently explore the best strategies so you can place your bet.

    There are many tips online which can help you with your golf betting, but in most cases, you should rely on your own knowledge of golf. If you have that, you must be sure that your bookmaker also fulfills some requirements such as reputability, odds, golf betting markets, welcome bonus offers, in-play betting, and live streaming service.

    Forms of Golf Betting

    There is a significant number of golf betting forms. However, most bookmakers offer the following options: golf tournament winner betting which is pretty self-explanatory option; golf each way betting – placing stake on a player to win the tournament as well as an equal stake on the same player to
    finish the tournament ‘placed’. You can also place your bets on the first round leader as well as top 10 or top 20 finish, where you can earn money if you back regular players who almost never threaten the top, but they are always near.

    Golf match betting is another great way to make money. You can place the bet on who will shoot the lower score in two or three ball groups, or you can have a virtual match between the two individual players who are playing the same course in different groupings. Top nationality betting is a form of golf betting where you can pick one out two or three players from a particular country to score the most to win out. Hole in one market is also a great option since players each year become more aggressive and accurate as the standards and equipment in golf improves.

    Golf Betting Odds and Promotions

    Since the common event includes the participation of over 140 players, the number of offers is extremely broad, and there are also some massive prices on offer for golf punters. It is not the era of Tiger Woods anymore, so you have to be aware that there are golfers which one week can be priced as a no-hoper, while the next week he can manage to one of the favorites.

    Therefore, be sure to explore all the options. Many bookmakers offer free bets and other promotional offers because the market is very competitive and because this is a good way of attracting new and awarding existing customers.

    In-Play Golf Betting

    Golf betting is a perfect option for in-play betting as you watch the action unfold over the tournament. The main benefit of betting in-play is that you can see how someone is handling the course. For example, if you know a golfer had some struggles on the front nine but has a strong finish, you should see if they can cope with the opening exchanges well before you decide to support your player with an in-play bet.

    Points are usually awarded to players depending on how they perform during the competition. If you choose the player who wins the tournament, then you can receive 60 points, 40 points for second, 30 points for third and so on. However, if your player finishes outside the top eight, you will have no points. Besides, there is also another great option for in- play betting and those are individual matches.

    Getting Started With Golf Betting

    If you decide to start with golf betting, you will have a large number of betting sites which will offer their services to you. However, it is necessary to know several things which can to a great extent have an effect on your performance. For example, you should be informed about the game, on the weather conditions, the courses, and the players. You should know what players strengths and weaknesses are, and you should be aware if they perform well in particular conditions and what is their current form.