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    Good Girl Bad Girl Slot Review

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    Free Play Mode is not available for UK Players because of UK regulations. But don`t worry, you can play Good Girl Bad Girl Slot for real here

    For those who are interested in seeing if good is better than evil or the other way around, Betsoft’s Good Girl, Bad Girl gives you the chance to do just that. You can choose whether to be good or bad, and it pits your conflicting sides against each other.

    This online casino slot comes with 3D graphics that bring the good girl and the bad girl to life and lets them compete to make big wins for you. This game will let you play it 2 ways. You can play as the “Good Girl”, offering more steady prizes, but smaller wins with combos from left to right. Or, pick the side of the “Bad Girl”, offering greater wins but not regularly, with combos from right to left. There’s even an option to play with both girls and double your lines for a steadier chance to win with wins formed both ways and doubled stakes.

    Design and Audio

    What immediately comes into view when playing Betsoft’s slot is that there is a reel that is accompanied by an angel and a devil, both female and both remarkably well-designed. The entire interface is split into 2 sides, the good and the evil one, each with its special features. The good one is full of bright and lively colours, while the evil one is filled with dark and sombre ones. It kind of gives you a feeling what Hell and Evil are supposed to look like.

    Good Girl, Bad Girl slot is missing a constant background soundtrack. However, every time you hit the spin button and depending on which character you use to play, you will either hear some heavenly chimes and lovely music, with the occasional harp and guitar solo, or some hellish screams and guitar riffs that are always associated with evil and Hell. There is really not a lot more you could wish for in a well-crafted online slot designed to fulfil all your desires, be they good or bad.

    Good Girl Bad Girl Slot Review game

    Gameplay & Features

    Good Girl, Bad Girl has two Wild symbols, the halo and pitchfork, symbolizing the good and evil side. There is also a Money Wheel Scatter which will trigger the game’s main feature and offer different ways to win:

    • The Halo appears on reels 1, 2 and 3 and awards a 1x or 2x multiplier
    • The Pitchfork appears on reels 3, 4 and 5 and awards multipliers from 1x to 4x

    The Click Me feature in the slot that is triggered when the halo and pitchfork land next to each other and, depending on the mode you chose, you will be presented with the following options:

    • The Good Variant gives you 4 boxes, of which 2 are glowing (small and medium winnings) and 2 are normal (big wins and collect)
    • The Bad Variant which basically gives you the same choice, but presented in a different way
    • The Good/Bad Variant, which will let you choose between both variants

    Good Girl Bad Girl Slot Review gameplay

    This feature comes with 4 rounds of picking, where the glowing boxes guarantee wins and the normal ones are risky but can award bigger wins.

    If you land the Money Wheel symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5, you can play the Wheel of Fortune round. Depending on which girl you choose, you can win prizes that range include cash and free spins, or you can go for a good or a bad progressive jackpot.

    Good Girl Bad Girl Slot Summary

    Never lacking detailed animation and quality audio, Betsoft’s Good Girl, Bad Girl is the perfect online casino slot for those who like to try out a wide variety of gameplays and who enjoy bonus features that are as good as those in modern video games.

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