5 Great Casino Restaurants for Gamblers

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    5 Great Casino Restaurants for Gamblers

    If you’re a casino player but a gourmet as well, we have good news. You can combine the two in 5 Great Casino Restaurants for Gamblers, situated in the top gambling centres around the world.

    Speaking of gambling centres, you know that currently Macau and Las Vegas are on the top of the list, but Atlantic City and Monte Carlo are not to be underestimated as well.

    These gambling-focused places are doing everything in their power to make every visitor’s dreams come true and attend to their needs. That is why they have included incredible restaurants in their hotel-casinos. The motto is ‘No one should have an empty stomach when they visit a casino’. So, if you’re in for a treat, check out these awesome restaurants that employ world-class chefs to make your overall gambling experience unforgettable.


    Robuchon au Dome in Grand Lisboa, Macau

    If you ever get to visit the current gambling mecca, Macau, don’t even think of skipping the Robuchon au Dome restaurant, where the star chef Joel Robuchon will make you the homemade Iberico, a meal consisting of crispy pork sausages and mushrooms. Not only will you try the most mouth-watering meal but you will also enjoy some breath-taking views of the city. If you’re not a sausage fan, you can try the black cod in pepper sauce or if you’re in a rush, the mini-burgers.


    Restaurant Guy Savoy in Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

    The Forbes’ award-winning restaurant, led by the super famous chef Guy Savoy, will provide you with the most movie-like experience. Wearing a perfume is forbidden there, as well as bringing in flowers. Savouring the smells that come from the kitchen will fill your stomach even without trying anything. Enter the Caviar Room and feast on the caviar tasting menu. You won’t regret it.

    Buddakan at the Playground in Caesars Palace, Atlantic City

    Another Caesars Palace’s restaurant, different location. If you ever visit Atlantic City, do not miss out the chance of trying the entire menu that Buddakan has to offer. For just $60, you can taste the specialties of the house, the four courses that you will definitely remember. The rock gardens and Buddha statues will make your stay even more memorable.

    Picasso in Bellagio, Las Vegas

    Of course, Bellagio’s restaurant is on our list. Its name comes from a funny story about the owner Steve Wynn who accidentally stuck his elbow through a Picasso masterpiece worth $74 million while showing it to the present guests. Enjoy the warm quail salad while you fill your eyes with the greatest artworks ever.

    Le Train Bleu in Casino Monte-Carlo, Monte-Carlo

    Le Train Bleu, the Orient Express-style restaurant with a mesmerizing view of the Mediterranean is a must when you visit Monte Carlo. Taste all kinds of French and Italian dishes and when you’re done eating, the roulette tables are just a few steps from your table. If you have enough to afford roulette rounds, you can indulge in a delicious meal at the Le Train Bleu. If you’re in for a cheaper version but great quality meals, order the €46 Roulette menu consisting of 3 courses at the Le Salon Rose, another Casino Monte-Carlo restaurant.

    What is your favorite Casino Restaurants for Gamblers?

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