Grosvenor Casino in Manchester Reveals Details of £100,000 Heist

    Grosvenor heist

    Although it happened a couple of months back, UK’s famous Grosvenor Casino has only released details about the £100,000 heist that took place on the last year’s Christmas Day. This is the only day in the entire year that the casino is closed for patrons, and robbers decided to take advantage of this fact. They hit the casino on December 25, 2016, walking away with £100,000.

    Only Chips Stolen

    The robbers managed to gain access inside Grosvenor Casino and then proceeded to use sledgehammers to gain access to the area around the cashier booth. Although this gave them an opportunity to walk away with much more, the police report states robbers only took £100,000 worth of chips, not touching cash.

    This is strange for a number of reasons, the most obvious one being the fact they would have to return to the casino to cash in their winnings. Simply taking cash would seem to be a logical choice (if you are into the whole casino heist business), but for whatever reasons, these robbers thought differently.

    Cashing In the Loot

    According to some reports, robbers or their associates have already been spotted inside the casino, exchanging chips for cash. One of the casino’s patrons reported that Grosvenor had removed their £100 pink chips from the circulation for this very reason. With £100 chips out of the circulation, robbers will have a hard time turning their efforts into actual money.

    At the same time, the police are on the lookout for the thieves and appeal to everyone who may have any information about the heist to come forward. Although casino staff noticed additional chips in the circulation when making the end of the day counts, so far they haven’t been able to figure out who introduced these chips or when it happened.

    Business as Usual

    Grosvenor Casino is one of the best-known casinos in the UK, and this probably wasn’t what constitutes a “big hit” in their books. However, since thieves left them the possibility, the casino is limiting their exposure by removing £100 chips. It is hard to imagine that a thought of this option hasn’t crossed the robbers’ minds, but strangest things had happened.

    Apart from staying alert and doing what they can to thwart thieves’ plans, it is business as usual at Grosvenor. The casino successfully held the qualifiers for their popular Grosvenor UK Poker Tour, and nothing seems out of the ordinary.

    As for the thieves, it really seems like they didn’t think this one through.

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