Hockey Betting Guide | NHL Betting Tips, Odds, Sites & Bonuses

    Hockey bettingHockey is certainly the most popular of all winter sports and the only one that really drives the international interest throughout the year. While it is not as popular as sports like football, basketball or American football, it does rank in the top 10, especially when it comes to online betting.

    Hockey betting is an exciting thing as there are many intricacies to this game. Hockey is especially popular in the US, with the NHL (National Hockey League) being one of the most popular sporting leagues in the country.

    Unfortunately, betting on hockey is not legal in the US, greatly reducing the amount of people interested in it. Still, being legal in Canada and Europe, where many hockey fans also exist makes hockey betting fairly popular with major bookmakers.

    Hockey Betting Markets And Odds

    As with most sports, the most popular hockey betting market is of course the money line. Money line betting represents betting the winners of matches. The puck line is also a popular hockey betting market, and is basically a form of handicap betting with 1.5 goals against the favorites, where you can bet either side.

    One particularly popular and unique hockey betting market is called the Great Salami. Great Salami is a bet placed on all the games being played on a single day, betting on the over/under line for the total number of goals scored in all games. While this bet is kind of a stretch, hockey betting fans absolutely love it and it is a very popular bet with major bookmakers every week.

    NHL Betting

    National Hockey League is America’s premier hockey competition. With the US and Canadian teams participating, many of those who would love to bet on it can’t, due to strict laws against sports betting in the USA.

    However, NHL betting is very popular in Canada and the rest of the world. The high quality of the league draws in many international viewers, making NHL betting widespread throughout the world. NHL betting allows just as many markets and opportunities as any other form of hockey betting.

    Can I Win Money With Hockey Betting?

    If you are a serious sports bettor, you will probably have noticed that the maximum bets that bookmakers take on hockey matches are smaller than in other sports. This would easily suggest that the bookies are not as sure about their hockey betting predictions as they are about other sports, which means it may be just the right place to look for value.

    If you are a true hockey fan, perhaps it is a good idea to take a look at some of the odds offered by the betting sites and try to figure out if your knowledge of the sport in combination with the available statistics is enough to beat the bookies.

    Where To Bet Hockey

    Hockey betting is a regular part of the offering at all major betting sites nowadays. Check out one of the big UK bookmakers or any off sites if you are in search of better hockey betting odds. At the end of the day, finding the sportsbooks to bet the sport will not be difficult and it all comes down to how much better than the bookies you actually are.