Hollywood’s Most Notorious Gamblers

    Hollywood’s Most Notorious Gamblers

    If common people can afford to throw a dice from time to time, what’s left for the celebrities? Of course, gambling is their way of relaxing, having fun, and gaining something eventually. Throughout the years, many celebrities have made known their gambling habits. While some of them enjoy doing it and still do it, others have even been on rehabs or facilities that can help them gamble responsibly.

    The truth is, there are a few names that stand out from the crowd, and even if you’re not interested in or you’re not a gambler yourself have heard about them for sure. These celebrities are often the guests of honor at special casino openings and other special casino events. Here they reserve the high-roller casino tables and naturally, get complementary drinks and food. If you want to know which of them were the most notorious of all, stay with us.


    Charlie Sheen

    You cannot talk about celebrities gamblers if you don’t mention Charlie Sheen first. He is the most notorious celebrity in general, not to mention gambler. Due to his gambling addiction, he got divorced from his wife, had public meltdowns and even went violent on occasions where he would lose. Probably he’s just a bad loser, but who knows if that’s the only reason for his bad rep.



    Matt Damon

    If you’re a fan of the actor, you must love his performance in the Oceans 11 or Rounders, where he portrays a pro gambler.

    And you know why that role suited him so well? The reason is because he is indeed a gambler in real life. In comparison to Charlie Sheen, he’s more of a down-to-earth celebrity gambler who enjoys private games but also high-stakes rooms.

    Pamela Anderson

    Who says that only male celebrities take pleasure in gambling? Pamela Anderson is one of the actresses that used to gamble. Although she may as well be gambling still, but under the radar. There was a sex scandal related to her now-ex-husband Rick Salomon and gambling debts, where she claimed that she paid him her poker debt off with sexual intercourse, fell in love with him and eventually married him. Gambling has mysterious ways of connecting people, yes?

    Ben Affleck

    Matt Damon’s buddy, and also the Academy Award-winning screenwriter, actor and director Ben Affleck are also associated with gambling, went on rehab for it and was even accused of card counting, although he denied the accusations saying that his gambling skills and abilities were to blame for being too good at his game. As you may have assumed by now, his game of preference is blackjack.


    Ray Romano

    He is another actor that has taken the role of a proficient gambler with compulsive gambling needs for the movie Men of a Certain Age who turned out to be a gambler in his private life as well. Ray Romano is one of the celebrities that repeatedly competed in the most popular poker tournament, the World Series of Poker. He has publically admitted his gambling problem.

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