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    Apart from popular movies and action heroes, fairytales are one of the most popular online casino slot machines themes. Although it wouldn’t seem like it, considering the average age of those playing at a casino online, these slot machines are usually accepted fairly well by online gambling fans. Following on that idea, NetEnt released its Hook’s Heroes slot.

    The game features the story and the characters from the well-known fairytale about a forever-boy Peter Pan. However, this online casino game puts you „on the other side,“ so to speak. It lets you taste the story playing from the perspective of the infamous Captain Hook and his friends. Hook’s Heroes is one of those slot machines that will help you relax and enjoy your online gambling, as it features cheerful graphics and funny symbols.

    Hook’s Heroes Slot Features

    Hook's Heroes slot

    Featuring the usual 20 paylines and 5 reels, Hook’s Heroes casino online game stands out from other slot machines for many of its special features. Your online gambling experience is guaranteed to be an exciting one, as there is always something happening as you spin the reels.

    Scatters are what you need to be on the lookout for when playing Hook’s Heroes at an online casino. Represented by Peter Pan in a crocodile costume, three or more Scatters trigger a free spins round. Free spins in Hook’s Heroes online casino slot are not all that simple. You get to pick between three different variations: Fairy Feature, Mermaid Feature, or Pirate Feature.

    Your free spins winnings will depend on luck and the type of feature you select. The Fairy Feature adds extra Wilds to the reels during free spins. Mermaid can help you get as much as 4x on all your wins. The Pirate will disregard standard slot machines paylines and pay according to a number of symbols appearing on the reels, regardless of the order.

    Landing two Scatters will not be enough for free spins, but it will randomly trigger one of the three features for the next spin. All in all, Hook’s Heroes casino online slot offers a lot of winning opportunities and a very exciting online gambling experience.

    Graphics & Sound

    The entire setup of the Hook’s Heroes slot feels like a cartoon, from featured characters to music and sound effects. More serious casino online slot machines have serious, powerful characters. Hook’s Heroes has Goofy, Patchy, Speccy, etc. These pirates will make you laugh, screaming, sticking out their tongues, etc.

    If you are looking for a relaxed casino online gambling environment, Hook’s Heroes slot is one of NetEnt’s slot machines that truly deliver. This online casino slot will help you remember your childhood while offering a chance to win big.

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