Hooters Casino Hotel Set For A Makeover

    Hooters Casino Hotel

    Hooters Casino HotelThe landscape of the Las Vegas strip is an ever changing one. While the huge casinos such as the Bellaggio dominate the strip and are all the rage among the tourists, the local community often prefers the more relaxing and friendly atmosphere of the smaller casinos, such as the Hooters Casino Las Vegas.

    Owned by the Trinity Hotel Investors, this relatively small casino (in Las Vegas terms) has just announced that they will be making a major makeover of their casino, with each of their over 650 rooms getting some kind of an upgrade and another two new restaurants being added to the Hooters Casino Las Vegas offering.

    What Is The Hooters Casino Hotel

    Las Vegas strip is probably the place in the world where you will find the most live casino action in the world and there is no lack of casinos on the strip. Hooters Casino Hotel is a bit different than most however, as they focus on a more intimate experience aimed specifically at entertainment and less on the gambling.

    Not to get things confused, Hooters is still a casino and you can play any game you may desire there, but the property also focuses a large part of their efforts and budget on entertainment shows, food offering and other side activities.

    This is likely one of the major reasons why the new renovations will include new restaurants instead of new casino rooms, but the game rooms will also be treated to a reasonable makeover, according to Mike Storm, the Vice President and General Manager of the Hooters Hotel Casino.

    Renovations Announced At A Big Party

    According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the renovations of the Hooters Casino Hotel were announced at a major event that was held on Monday evening in which the casino decided to show their charitable side and spend an equivalent of their yearly marketing budget to help charities such as Habitat For Humanity, Goodwill and the Make A Wish Foundation.

    The management of the hotel was disappointed with some charities deciding not to participate in the event and refusing the help of the organization due to their “questionable” reputation. Hooters restaurants and hotels are well known around the world for promoting waitresses in sexy dresses and otherwise promoting behavior that may be interpreted as inappropriate for a public place, but the fact is Hooters is simply there to offer adult people some entertainment and the chain does not really offer anything immoral by most people’s standards.

    Hooters Here To Stay!

    Storm further added in his interview that Hooters Casino Hotel is truly on the strip to serve the local Las Vegas community and provide the kind of entertainment that people are looking for. According to all the reports, the property is set to feature several new shows as of March, when the hotel should be fully renovated and by Storm’s words, while they may not be the Bellagio or the Caesars Palace, Hooters is here to stay for a long, long time.

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