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    House of Fun Slot Review

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    Free Play Mode is not available for UK Players because of UK regulations. But don`t worry, you can play House of Fun Slot for real here

    The first look you get at this online casino slot will immediately tell you what it’s about – a joyride through the titular House of Fun, designed to make you laugh and shake from the terror that inhabits this spooky mansion. It will not literally scare you to death, but it will certainly leave a lasting impression due to the brilliant visuals.

    Betsoft enjoys taking their players for a ride with their game introductions. These are almost always amazingly animated and feature a short story that will guide you through the slot’s story. This one features a young couple stranded on the road and entering a nearby mansion, looking for help. The mansion turns out to be a haunted place, full of creepy men and gargoyles, and so House of Fun begins.

    Design and Audio

    First and foremost, I enjoy every well-done animated introduction featured in online casino slots. They don’t take away anything and always enhance the complete online gambling experience. Betsoft has given House of Fun everything it needs to draw their players into the game and leave them asking for more. The 3D animations in this slot are beyond great, from the very intro to animated slot symbols coming to life with every winning combination.

    You certainly can’t deny that a lot of thought also went into the audio of this online casino slot. The Addams Family-inspired sounds while you play are commendable. Every spin is made to sound as if you were inside a carnival House of Horrors ride. In fact, the music might just be my favourite part about House of Fun, reminding me a lot of the animated movie A Nightmare Before Christmas and the Addams Family TV show. Impressive!

    House of Fun Slot Review game

    Gameplay & Features

    What’s immediately visible upon entering the House of Fun is that there is no Wild symbol. However, the first few spins returned my investment right away. This game also has a few bonus rounds which will trigger these fun-filled features:

    • The Escape Bonus round is triggered when you land 3 or more of the scary door Knocker symbols. This will take you to a room with 5 doors where you need to pick the one which will let you escape. Every time you pick the wrong door, you receive a prize, so it’s not a room which you want to escape from that fast.
    • Jack-In-The-Box Free spins are triggered landing 3 or more Jack in the Box symbols, with the central reel staying wild for the duration of the free spins.
    • Mad Click Me bonus round is triggered if you land 3 or more of the Madman symbols on reels 1 ,2 or 3. It is another game of picking and you will need to select objects that are offered and win prizes.

    House of Fun Slot Review gameplay


    House of Fun from the house of Betsoft has it fair share of high-quality features, along with impressive visuals and fun audio. It is a well-crafted online casino slot that promises a good and adventurous time for anybody. So why not go for a ride?

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