Hyper Blackjack Adds Excitement to Classic Casino Game

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    Introduced by Estonian company Hyper Blackjack Holding during the recently concluded ICE, Hyper Blackjack is a game designed to add the extra thrill to one of the oldest casino games in existence. Given the popularity of blackjack in online and live casinos, it only makes sense for game operators to try and add some new flare to the old game.

    And that’s exactly the idea behind the Hyper Blackjack, a game within the game, giving players even more things to bet on, simultaneously increasing the excitement and winning chances.

    Hyper Blackjack Basic Rules

    What Hyper Blackjack is all about is betting on the exact sum of the dealer’s hand. Bets are placed before cards are dealt out, and players have the following options:

    • Bet on 17 total: 5 to 1

    • Bet on 18: 6 to 1

    • Bet on 19: 6 to 1

    • 20: 4 to 1

    • 21: 10 to 1

    • Blackjack: 15 to 1

    • Bust: 2 to 1

    It is important to note that Hyper Blackjack doesn’t influence the main game in any way. It is a side-game created to increase the betting action, and improve the casino’s bottom line. The game has an adjustable house edge, which can range anywhere from 5.25% to 20%+.

    Advantages of Hyper Blackjack

    Although many of the new casino games are risky to introduce, as there is no telling as to how your customers will react to them, this risk is basically non-existent with hyper blackjack. Since the game seamlessly integrates with the existing tables that already have their loyal players, there is no real downside. The worst case scenario, players don’t show interest and keep playing in a traditional fashion.

    At the same time, those who decide to participate will have much more fun, as they’ll have something to get excited about even when their hands bust. They will have a reason to stay at the table all the time, instead of walking away because of the boredom of waiting for the next hand.

    The game is perfect for beginners as well since there are no any additional complicated rules they’ll need to learn to participate in the fun. As long as they know the classic blackjack rules, Hyper Blackjack will be easy to pick up, as it is a game with no rules you need to memorize.

    On top of it all, casino dealers also love this game, because it adds almost nothing extra to their plates, as paying out the winners is quick, simple, and straightforward. At the same time, there is some nice potential for the extra tips.

    Game Downsides

    As mentioned, there are almost no real downsides to introducing Hyper Blackjack. Newcomers are going to love it, and experienced players don’t really have a reason to mind it, as it won’t particularly slow down the main game, and no one forces them to play the additional bets if they don’t feel like it.

    Perhaps there are a few players who will feel like the game of blackjack is perfect as it is, and there should be nothing added or taken away. But, that’s always the case with introducing any novelties. Overall, Hyper Blackjack contains a lot of positive prospects and barely any negative expectations that would need to be considered.

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