ICE VOX Panel Discusses The Millennial Generation In Online Gambling

    ice vox

    ICE VOX, one of the leading online gambling conferences out there took place on February 6th and 7th, with various panels covering all the burning topics in the modern online gambling industry. The conference brought together many of the biggest names in the industry and some fascinating panels drew a ton of attention.

    One of the more interesting topics covered at this year’s ICE VOX was certainly the one of the millennial generation in online gambling and ways of reaching them and capturing their attention. The interesting panel discussed several topics and was mainly aimed at discussing what exactly the millennials are looking for in their online gaming experience.

    More Personalization And Customization

    Adrian Neilan of the Irish Greyhound BoardOnline casinos are used to attracting customers using the same old tricks, but the millennial generation is looking for a completely new type of experience. Unlike the older generations for which regular types of marketing seemed to work just fine, the young Y generation is looking for more involvement and a much more personalized experience.

    One of the speakers at the panel was Adrian Neilan of the Irish Greyhound Board who spoke of the need of the young people for instant gratification. His speech suggested that according to his belief, the millennials, who are spending well over 3 hours per day at their mobile and desktop devices are looking for word of mouth, often through social media, rather than regular advertising.

    He was joined in the discussion by Stefano Gorgoni, who is working as Head Of Inbound Marketing at Hero Gaming, who agreed that the majority of the young generation make their contact with the gambling brands through the social media. However, the young people seem to want something in return for their loyalty and their feedback.

    The mutual consensus was that the young generations are among the most vocal customers out there, especially through their own social media channels, making it very easy to give them the exact kind of product they want. This is probably exactly why they want such a personalized product and why the casinos should certainly do their best to meet these needs.

    Growth Of Mobile Gaming

    Adrian Neilan of the Irish Greyhound BoardMobile gaming has become a major part of the online gambling industry in recent years, and the panelists certainly discussed the fact that the millennial generation seems to be particularly hooked on the mobile games.

    The overall consensus was that the expansion of mobile gaming cannot be stopped at this point and we can expect the companies to continue producing games and sites that are suitable for mobile devices such as phones and tablets. Furthermore, it would seem that according to some trends, the skill oriented casino games have been more and more popular, leading the experts to believe that this is another filed the casino industry should heavily focus on.

    Finally, the one this panel concluded is that the millennial generation is looking for a personalized service and product and we can certainly expect the online gambling operators to focus on providing exactly such products for the generation which is becoming more and more relevant in the industry by the day.

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