Illegal online casino bust in Delhi

    Illegal Casino Delhi

    A group of men were arrested in east Delhi’s Krishna Nagar neighborhood following a tip off that an illegal online casino operation was being conducted in the area. Five men, all from the same area, were arrested after it was discovered that they had initially been granted a license to run a children’s gaming parlor.
    5 arrested in bustFollowing a raid on the premises by local law enforcement officials, a number of gaming consoles as well associated screens were found. However, closer investigation also led to the discovery of nine personal computers, all linked to a central server used for illegal online casino gambling. The police on the scene also discovered close to 30,000 in cash.

    The owner of the shop had received a license to run a children’s gaming parlor, hence the gaming consoles and screens, all of which apparently were not working. The parlor was located in a fairly busy market in Krishna Nagar, east Delhi. Law enforcement officials arriving on the scene found one man who was in charge of running the illegal online casino. The would-be croupier was arrested along with four other people. It is not known if the other four had been customers or part of the illegal casino operation.

    The bust began as many do, with an anonymous tip to ACP Kushal Pal Singh of the Gandhi Nagar district. The tip off included information that a number of suspicious looking men were coming and going from a room on the second floor of a building known as the Anand Plaza in the Krishna Nagar area.

    The ACP’s first move was to visit the premises and ascertain what actually was happening inside. Unfortunately he could not gain entry as the man at the door said that only those who had a personal reference from an existing customer could gain entry. This alone was extremely suspicious considering the premises was supposed to be a children’s gaming parlor.

    The ACP then decided to send one of his deputies in to see if he could gain entry to the premises. The Delhi Policedeputy was lucky enough to meet one of the regular customers outside and used him as a reference to gain entry to the premises. The deputy was asked for a minimum of 1,000 rupees in order to get a gambling station to play on. He was then also provided with a username and a password.
    According to the deputy, he was promised around 36,000 rupees for winning but the deputy lost. The deputy also suspected that the ‘gaming stations’ were not actually working and, after leaving, a raid on the gambling den was organized. The raid was subsequently carried out and five suspects arrested on the spot. The police also confiscated all gambling paraphernalia including the gaming consoles and cash found on the premises.

    The five suspects were later charged under the Gambling Act but were then later released under their own recognizance. Local businessmen and shop owners in the same building and the local market had also grown suspicious of the gaming parlor. This was mainly due to the fact they no one ever saw any children entering or leaving the gaming parlor. The owners also kept to themselves and avoided contact with any of the other businesses in the area.

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