Kindred Group Steps Up Efforts to Fight Corruption in UK Sports Betting

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    Kindred Group is resolute to increase their efforts in making sports betting in the United Kingdom more secure. They plan to accomplish this by uniting with the Sports Betting Integrity Forum. They agreed with the Rugby Football Union to sign a Memorandum of Understanding.

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    The Sports Betting Integrity Forum deals with developing an approach to protect sports from corruption. The Forum consolidates representatives and regulatory bodies from sports and sports administration. There are also betting operators and as well as gambling regulators. Kindred Group is eager to work with national platforms wherever this is possible. Thus, they were happy to join the Forum.

    Truly Dedicated Efforts

    Kindred Group (Unibet Group) also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the RFU of England. This agreement sees the two working together to keep rugby free of any match-fixing. This would give Kindred the ability to pro-actively combat doubtful betting patterns. After detection, they could report those to the RFU directly.

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    The RFU is responsible for the national regulation of lower-class and elite rugby in England. It oversees more than 2,000 independent rugby clubs with an RFU membership. RFU actively works on safeguarding the integrity of rugby and rugby betting. This is made possible by ensuring that all rugby matches take place in a fair environment.

    Eric Konings, the Sports Betting Integrity Officer at Kindred Group commented on this. He explained that cooperation is the most important aspect when it comes to fighting against match-fixing. He continued saying that Kindred Group seeks to work together with all involved parties. This would include law enforcement as well to keep the sport free of any criminal influences.

    Konings further said that the company is happy about this new opportunity. It gives them a chance to contribute to the Sports Betting Integrity Forum and collaborate with the RFU. He concluded saying it is in the best interest of everyone to keep British sports free of any corruption. He was very thankful to both the RFU and SBIF for teaming up with Kindred Group in this effort.

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    Focus on Prevention

    The co-chair of the SBIF and Head of Integrity Assurance at the British Horseracing Authority, Chris Watts, welcomed Kindred Group as well. He continued saying that the SBIF endorses and accommodates the efforts of their members. This includes the development and application of Britain’s Action Plan. The plan seeks to improve the integrity of sports and sports betting. He noted it is important to also keep the pace with the growing intricacies and focus on prevention.

    He continued his statement by praising Kindred Group for their global reach, considerable brand portfolio and novelties they introduced to online gambling. Watts concluded saying he looks forward to Kindred becoming an integral part of the SBIF. The group should contribute positively to the commitment of the Action Plan.

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