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    Online gambling has turned toward video slots in recent years, but Kings Of Chicago slot takes us a bit back through time. Unlike your modern online casino video slot machines, Kings Of Chicago slot is basically a video poker game. Unlike standard video pokers, however, this online casino game has three rows of five cards and five paylines.

    The cards are combined across three straight and two diagonal lines to create the five paylines, commonly found in older slot machines. Joker and Scatter symbols make the game look more like a modern day casino online game with Wilds and Scatters. Still, in its essence, Kings Of Chicago is a video poker game.

    Let us take a look at how NetEnt has merged video poker with modern day online casino video slot machines.

    Kings Of Chicago Slot Features

    Kings of Chicago Slot

    Online casino video poker games usually feature a single payline of five cards. The main characteristic of this online casino game, however, is it has five paylines, unlike traditional video poker slot machines. The Joker card substitutes for all other cards and doubles the win when it is part of the winning line. This also makes Five Of A Kind combination possible. The five of the card combos are featured in some of the casino online video poker games and Kings Of Chicago draws on this traditions.

    Overlay Scatters appear randomly on top of cards. When three or more Scatters appear, free spins, called Free Deals are started. A player can win between 10 and 30 free spins depending on the number of Scatters stopped. This makes online gambling with Kings Of Chicago a bit more exciting than a regular video poker game.

    During free spins, the player does not pay anything for the spins and gets to keep all the wins. All free spins winnings are doubled, which makes it possible to win x4 with the Joker symbols. Free spins can be retriggered by stopping more scatters during the free spins.

    Kings Of Chicago Graphics And Audio

    In an age of modern looking online casino slot machines, Kings Of Chicago slot features graphics and audio that resembles those of much older video poker machines, found at both, casino online and brick & mortar establishments. Online gambling fans with nostalgia for the good old days will love it, while younger players who may not have played video poker could easily fall in love with the allure of these exciting slot machines.

    Final Words

    Young or old, lovers of online gambling will appreciate the blend that is Kings Of Chicago slot. Like no other online casino game, it combines the old-fashioned video poker slot machines with the more modern casino online video slots and creates one of the finest online gambling experiences you could have in a casino online at the moment.

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