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    The German Lotto, better known as Lotto 6aus49, is the leading lottery game in Germany and other German-speaking countries, frequently rewarding players with great wins. Germans simply love their Lotto and play it quite regularly. It offers incredible jackpots, sometimes reaching up to €45 million. If you wish to tune in to find out if you won, you can do so on Wednesday and Saturday evenings.

    Starting in the middle of the 20th century, German Lotto has been making people millionaires as far back as 1955. Furthermore, it is also one of the world’s oldest lotteries, so that’s probably another reason why it is so popular with the players. In the early days of the lottery, draws took place only once a week, but with the increase in popularity, it was decided there needed to be an additional drawing day that would appease the masses. And so, another draw was added on Saturday.

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    How to Take Part in Lotto 6aus49

    The simple rules of this lottery make it so incredibly popular all around the world, with people coming from everywhere to test their luck. Anyone over the age of 16 can try their luck in Lotto 6aus49, which is the same in the UK and several other places. Another attractive side of the German Lotto is that there are no complicated rules involved. Players simply need to choose 6 numbers from 1 to 49 in order to win, hence the name of the lottery, 6aus49 (German for 6 out of 49).

    Players can additionally select the ‘Superzahl,’ which is any number from 1 to 9. The Superzahl can be translated as ‘Superball.’ If you can correctly guess the ‘Superzahl’, it will take the jackpot up massively, so there is an additional incentive to make the correct guess.

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    Lotto 6aus49 Payout

    Taking into consideration massive jackpots at stake, it is no wonder that lottery is surely among the most weekly played games involving gambling. Lotto 6aus49 has become widely recognized for their constant rollovers, with large prize pools always available. On Wednesday draws, the minimum payout can reach up to €1 million, with the minimum Saturday payout regularly revolving around €2 million. In order to get your hands on the top prizes, you need to match up all of the 6 numbers and the Superzahl to get hold of the jackpot. Even if you don’t win the top prize, Lotto 6aus49 has other attractive wins that will make it well worth your time and money.

    German Lotto provides 9 different payouts, which presents a fairly decent chance to win at least something for the ticket you purchased. Six numbers will guarantee you the second top prize, where the Superzahl is not needed to make the win. Thereafter, the lottery has many combinations that can lead to wins; all you need to win is at least 2 correct numbers and the Superzahl.

    Final Thoughts

    Lottery might not be a craze in Germany as it is in the UK or the US, mostly due to the somewhat lower jackpot, but still, Germans love their lotto, and now you can see why. Large prizes up for grabs, decent winning odds, and the possibility to win even if you’re not from Germany all make Lotto 6aus49 an attractive proposition for players from all over the world.

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