Lucky Fortune Cat Slot Review

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    Lucky Fortune Cat Slot Review

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    Amidst a host of more seriously themed online casino games, Lucky Fortune Cat is the kind of game that will leave you giggling with every spin. The main protagonists of the game are the adorable Lucky Cats who will bring you all the fortune you need as they appear across the tiles.

    Lucky Fortune Cat is a modern online casino game that plays across 20 paylines on five reels. The game includes music and symbols that come in clear connection to Asian cultures, but without delving too much into any specifics. The game is simply Asian culture themed and that’s pretty much all we know of its origin.

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    Lucky Fortune Cat Features And Wins

    Lucky Fortune Cat is not the kind of online casino game where you need to wait to trigger free spins or a bonus round just to get paid. Instead, every time one of the Lucky Cats appears on the board, a feature spin will be triggered.

    Depending on the number of cats on the board, you will get a more valuable respin. A single cat simply activates a respin that will usually bring some decent paylines as well as potentially more cats. Two or more cats also add some Wilds to the reels. The more cats, the more valuable the Wilds. If you can get five cats to appear, the number of Wilds will be great and you will get up to 18x multiplier on each payline that is connected, leading to some massive wins.

    Fans of modern online casino slots may be used to games with numerous different features, and Lucky Fortune Cat may disappoint such players. However, the game will keep you on your toes throughout gameplay as every single spin can trigger a valuable respin and there are plenty of things happening all the time, unlike the boring wait for free spins.

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    Lucky Fortune Cat Design And Gameplay

    Set on a scroll hanging over some fabulous ancient Asian landscapes, Lucky Fortune Cat is a game whose design will take you through history and into some more noble times. The symbols are drawn by skillful hands and the animations are smooth and seamless as always with Red Tiger Gaming slots.

    The background music is a recognizable type that you may hear as background to Kung Fu movies or other similar works of art. In combination, the two create a calming atmosphere that will allow you to enjoy your gameplay at fast pace and without losing patience for the game or trust in the Lucky Cats to come through.

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