Lucky Halloween Slot Review

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    Lucky Halloween Slot Review

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    Halloween has beyond a doubt become one of the favorite holidays for people across the planet in the modern era. The night that celebrates all that is scary and in a way makes it all very common and acceptable and teaches us to accept each other’s differences is the main theme of this extremely exciting online casino game.

    Lucky Halloween is essentially a 20 payline slot machine with 5 reels, but in reality it is so much more than that, as the game can easily provide countless hours of excitement and entertainment with its silly design, fantastic animations and lucrative features.

    We take a deeper look inside Lucky Halloween and find out just how the game works and what chances you stand of winning with it.

    Lucky Halloween Slot Review gameplay

    Lucky Halloween Gameplay Features

    Lucky Halloween is a game that offers almost any feature you can think of. Free spins round, bonus round, random wilds, mega wilds, multipliers and all sorts of Halloween shenanigans are all right in there for you to have fun with and take advantage of.

    The game includes the Wild symbols which can substitute all other symbols and appears in stacks or singles across the reels. On occasion, additional Wild symbols will be added by the Pumpkin Biker, the scary figure behind the scene. Additionally, Pumpkin Biker will occasionally throw a Mega Wild out there, which is a 3×3 Wild symbol covering 3 fifths of the entire board. With a little luck, you will win huge when this happens.

    Pumpkin Biker’s work is not done here, as he can also activate the Multiplier Bonus. If the Pumpkin Biker does not come through, you can still stop three Free Spins or Bonus symbols for your chance at a major payout. While the Free Spins will start a round of free spins, the Bonus symbols will start a pick and win game where you can win up to hundreds of times your initial stake.

    Overall, Lucky Halloween offers an abundant choice of gameplay features which can hardly be rivaled by any other slot out there and you can count on some major winnings if you do end up delving into this game.

    Lucky Halloween Slot Review game

    Lucky Halloween Design, Audio and Gamepaly

    From the standpoint of design, animations and graphics, Lucky Halloween is definitely one of the best games currently out there. The game offers a variety of different Halloween themed symbols which are rather silly and will not scare you out of your mind, but rather make you giggle and smile. The animations are well done and each feature includes a special cut scene which makes the game flow a lot more like an arcade and definitely brings extra entertainment value.

    The “scary” background music and sounds will make the whole things seem even more Halloweeny and you can expect to have some amazing fun with the fast paced gameplay that all Red Tiger Gaming slots provide. This is definitely one slot machine that we have to recommend to any online casino player who enjoys playing the slots.

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