Lucky Player Wins €3.5 Million on Mega Fortune Dreams Slot

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    Huge, life-changing jackpots are one of the biggest allures of online casinos. With millions to be won on a spin of a reel, many players try their luck and hope for the best. For most, it never happens, but dozens of lucky players do strike gold every year at a number of online casinos.

    That’s exactly what happened a few days ago when a sixty-year-old player from Finland decided to take on NetEnt’s Mega Fortune Dreams slot. Some minutes after the midnight, she was shell-shocked, as the reels stopped her way, awarding her a huge €3.5 million jackpot.

    Mega Fortune slot logo

    Amazing Win

    The lucky lady won her jackpot playing at casino. As she explained after the dust had settled, the Mega Fortune slot has never been very kind to her before. In her own words, „I’ve always had such bad luck in this game before.

    But luck can change quickly and without warning, and this time it was for better. After the lucky winner had wrapped her head around what had just happened, she couldn’t go to sleep although it was well past midnight. Instead, she spent the night talking to her husband, going over the fortunate event.

    Creating Millionaires for Almost a Decade

    Mega Fortune Dreams is one of the most popular progressive jackpot slots online. It represents NetEnt’s response to Microgaming’s Mega Moolah, and both of these games enjoy almost the same levels of popularity with the players.

    The Mega Fortune jackpot is seeded at €250,000, but this number quickly reaches a seven-figure territory thanks to slot’s popularity and availability. The biggest-ever jackpot won on Mega Fortune was €17.8 million, and, coincidentally, it was also won by an anonymous player from Finland at Paf Casino.

    On average, a Mega Fortune jackpot is awarded at one of NetEnt’s casino every eleven weeks, and those who get lucky become instant millionaires. The slot itself features the theme of luxury lifestyle, with symbols like expensive cars, yachts, and similar.

    Once the bonus game is triggered, players are taken to the Wheel of Fortune, where they spin up to three times. On every spin, there is a chance to win bigger prizes and progress further towards the center of the Wheel. Those who reach the „bull’s eye“ win the main jackpot.

    The amount that can be won at any given point in time is clearly displayed for all players to see.

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