Magic Gate Slot Review

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    Magic Gate Slot Review

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    If you were on a lookout for an online casino game with plenty of gameplay features and a great design, you may be in the right place. Magic Gate is a game themed after Chinese mythology and with more features than we can count.

    This online casino slot features 20 paylines across its five reels and numerous bonus symbols and ways of winning money. The game is very exciting to both newcomers to the slots who are just looking for instant action and the long term players who need some change in their gambling lives.

    The slots can become very tedious and boring, which is why Magic Gate was infused with every feature imaginable to make sure the gameplay remains versatile and fun at all times. Keep reading and find out how Magic Gate stacks up in a world filled with exciting slot games.

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    Magic Gate Gameplay Features

    Magic Gate is certainly a game that does not lack in gameplay features. The game contains every feature you can thing of from Bonus Game to Free Spins and Random Wins.

    The Bonus Game can be triggered by stopping three Bonus symbols anywhere on the reels. If this does happen you get to choose between one of the multiple bonus games. Free Spins on the other hand are triggered by stopping two Bonus and one Free Spins symbols on the reels and this leads to lucrative free spins with various gameplay features often activated during the spins.

    Magic Gate also includes many randomly triggered features. At any time, you may be asked to pick one of the three magic coins, each hiding one of the random features. The random features include Magic Win, Dragon Ball Wild, Golden Bell Bonus, Five Of A Kind or Free Spins. Any of the games guarantees significant winnings, each in its own way.

    The one thing we have noticed while playing Magic Gate is that your bankroll will keep steady for long periods of play as you will constantly be hitting a little feature here and there, recovering your balance from losses. This makes Magic Gate a great game to play when wanting to kill long periods of time without losing too much cash.

    Magic Gate Slot Review gameplay

    Magic Gate Design, Audio and Gameplay

    Magic Gate has a Chinese theme with many symbols and other elements associated directly to the Chinese culture and tradition. The symbols are all extremely well designed and truly artistically crafted while the animations of the various gameplay features will also excite most players.

    The background music is a classic little Chinese number which serves as a great nerve calming agent while playing the game. You can be sure you will feel relaxed while playing Magic Gate as it tends to create a very calming atmosphere.

    Overall speaking, the game truly amazes in both design and the features and you will not find a game that will offer more excitement and chances of winning the big bucks even if you search quite a long way.

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