Magic Portals Slot Game Review

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    Have you been looking to add some magic to your online gambling experience? Magic Portals slot is the ideal online casino game to do just that. Like many of the NetEnt’s state of the art slot machines, Magic Portals features unique gameplay features and promises to provide a ton of fun.

    Online gambling with old-fashioned slot machines is out of style and casino games like Magic Portals slot are where you should be looking to have the most fun. Playing casino online can now be a mysterious, entertaining, and lucrative proposition all in one.

    Magic Portals Slot Features

    Magic Portals Slot

    Like the name says, Magic Portals slot gameplay revolves around the two portals set at opposite sides of the middle row. There are 25 paylines in total, and payline 1 contains the two portals. The game comes with two main gameplay features.

    The first feature of this online casino game is the Magic Portals Wild transformation. When two of the same symbol appear in the two portal slots, all corresponding symbols on the board turn into Wild symbols. This feature is unique to this online casino game and distinct from other slot machines.

    A feature better known to average online casino player is the free spins. In this casino online slot, free spins are started when two Free Spins symbols are stopped in the two portals. This awards 10 free spins, which can be further extended.

    During the free spins, all three positions on the final reel turn into portals, along with the middle position on reel one. If the symbol in the first portal corresponds any of the symbols in the three portals on the final reel, all corresponding symbols turn into Wilds.

    Magic Portals Graphics And Audio

    The amazing gameplay features of this casino online game are only matched by the superb graphics and sounds of it. NetEnt tends to do a great job with graphics and animations in their slot machines, and this online casino slot is no different. Like most their slot machines, Magic Portals slot does an excellent job of keeping the fans of online gambling entertained with superb audiovisual identity.

    Final Verdict

    If you were on the lookout for new online casino slot machines for online gambling fun, Magic Portals might be one of the best choices. With great features and graphics, this online casino slot can be found at almost any NetEnt powered casino online. Simply join a casino online and start playing Magic Portals today, for a fantastic online gambling experience.

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