Mayweather’s comeback to the Connor McGregor Fight Deal

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    The internet, along with many sports betting sites, has been abuzz of late with the scintillating speculation regarding the potential Floyd Mayweather and Connor McGregor fight. Rumors of a possible, albeit, highly unlikely fight between two of the world’s highest paid and, most controversial sports personalities, surfaced towards the end of last year.will the fight happen?

    It did not take long for the rumor and speculation to ignite across the internet as more and more sites began to share the idea of the possible math up. Of course the first question to surface had more to do with the unheard of combination of a straight up boxer, going up against a mixed martial artist.
    However, both are at the top of their game, Mayweather boasts a perfect unbeaten record of 49 and 0 while McGregor is the only UFC champion in the history of the sport to hold two championship belts at the same time.

    For months since the fight rumors first started appearing on the internet, it’s been a frustrating back and forth between the two camps with both denying any possibility of a fight, yet at the same time hinting at the possibility. Neither fighter has ever been known to shy away from a challenge nor has either fighter got to where they are today by backing down from seemingly impossible odds.

    However, latest reports from both camps would suggest that the fight may be closer to actually happening than ever before. Of course one of the biggest issues that has held the potential for the fight actually taking place has not been about the seemingly incongruous mix of fighting disciplines. Both sides have been going back and forth on the issue of prize money.

    Now it seems, at least according to British tabloid, The Sun, that the fight is on, money issues have been ironed out and it could be all systems go sooner rather than later. Of course, you would have to actually believe what The Sun is reporting for a start. However, the story does seem to be coming from more than one source and would see Mayweather come out of retirement for the third time in his long and illustrious career.
    UFC CEO Dana WhiteAs one website recently posted, Mayweather isn’t afraid to step into the ring with the 28 year old UFC champion, he just want to be paid Mayweather money for doing so. Again, there are many who have quashed any thoughts of the match actually taking place. Many believe that Connor McGregor simply wouldn’t stand a chance against the boxing experience of Mayweather.

    Assuming of course that all parties agree to boxing rules and not UFC rules. UFC boss Dana White himself said on more than one occasion that the fight would never happen while ESPN’s own Stephen A. Smith has added weight to the report issued by The Sun, saying that he has spoken to Mayweather personally and the fight is closer to happening than it ever has been in the past few months.

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