Mega Jade Slot Review

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    Mega Jade Slot Review

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    Another in a string of Chinese slot machines by Red Tiger Gaming, Mega Jade is a fantastic online casino game dedicated to one of the most valued precious stones in Chinese mythology. The jade has a very important place in Chinese tales and legends and this is why it was made the center of this game.

    Mega Jade is a 10 payline, 5 reel slot with 15 tiles in total, 9 of which may be covered by the Mega Jade symbol when it appears. What is more, Mega Jade not only pays both ways, but also pays for all adjacent symbols anywhere on a payline. This means even the three middle symbols in a payline will still be a win.

    We examined every aspect of Mega Jade and found out just how much of a chance there is to win with this game based in Chinese mythology.

    Mega Jade Slot Review gameplay

    Mega Jade Gameplay Features

    Mega Jade is a game without too many gameplay features. Unlike many other online casino games, Mega Jade does not include free spins, bonus rounds or other common features. Instead, you will be focusing on collecting paylines full of different forms of jade, while the Mega Jade feature will help you along with that.

    Mega Jade is a 3×3 mega symbol which may appear in full or in part on the reels. Mega Jade and its fragments are the highest paying symbols in the game and wherever they appear, the player is paid a very significant amount of money. 5 Jade symbols are worth 500 coins on a single payline.

    While the lack of other gameplay features in this online casino slot machine may come as a disappointment to some, the game is actually very fun to play and the Mega Jade appears often enough to keep you winning while you play and not bleeding your money away.

    Despite the apparent lack of many features, we can still say with confidence that this is a high paying slot machine that will not eat your bankroll too fast.

    Mega Jade Slot Review game

    Mega Jade Design, Audio and Gameplay

    Jade is the green precious stone from China and for this reason, the theme of this game is color green. All high paying symbols are differently shaped jades, while the background and the paytable also include many green elements.

    There isn’t too much to talk about in terms of animations in the game as there are so few features, while the music is a classic Chinese ambience music. Gameplay is fast and can be made even faster by constantly holding the Spacebar, which keeps spinning the reels at lighting speed until you decide you have had enough.

    Overall speaking, the Mega Jade online casino slot machine is a game that will see any fan of slots entertained for at least a while and its only real flaw is the lack of additional gameplay features.

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