Mega Joker Slot Game Review

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    Are you tired of always playing modern video slots and hoping for free spins to finally trigger? With Mega Joker slot game, you no longer have to. This online gambling game features an incredible 99% return to the player and the Supermeter mini game, it is actually an incredibly exciting classic slot game, with some of the highest payouts in the online casino industry, even without any free spins.

    While most modern casino online slot machines only pay through special features, Mega Joker is a game that will pay the 2000 coins jackpot on a semi-regular basis and the progressive bets in the Supermeter mini game can win a lot more.

    We played Mega Joker slot game and had a ton of fun. In fact, this is some of the most fun we have had with slot machines in quite a while and one of the best online gambling experiences ever. This is exactly what casino online slot machines should be like!

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    Mega Joker Slot Game Features

    Playing under 10 coins in this online casino game will prove to be boring as the game has no special features this way. Bump that up to 10 coins and the Supermeter feature comes into play. This online gambling feature allows you to play with your base game winnings for progressively higher payouts.

    It is always a good idea to keep playing with your winnings in this slot game, as the wins are just too lucrative. For instance, 3 Bells pays 200 coins in the base game, but 1200 coins in Supermeter when the stake is only 4 times higher. This is clearly great value for the player and where the 99% payout percentage comes from.

    While this online casino slot does force you to play pretty high at times and there are no free spins in it, it is one of the more lucrative slot machines we have had a chance to try in casino online.

    Final Words

    Who said online gambling with classic slot machines couldn’t be tons of fun? Mega Joker is proof that classic slot machines have a lot to offer even in the modern casino online environment. In fact, if you are looking for a lucrative online casino slot that will pay well and be super fun to play Mega Joker is the game for you.

    If you are looking to try some classic slot machines without free spins, you can do so with Mega Joker and several other slot machines at any NetEnt powered casino online. Have fun and enjoy the winnings with this amazing online casino game.

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