MGM Resorts to Offer Casino and Poker Platforms

    MGM Resorts to Offer Casino and Poker Platforms thumb

    MGM , one of the world’s largest entertainment companies, has entered into an agreement with the global sports betting and gaming giant, GVC holdings. This partnership sees large scale effort that seeks to offer an online casino and poker gaming facility under the banner of playMGM for their existing customers. It is hoped that they are able to acquire new players to the brand through this online venture.

    MGM Resorts to Offer Casino and Poker Platforms on mobile

    GVC is a major gaming software provider to one of MGM’s Borgata Hotel, Casino and Spa brands. This announcement is widely seen as confirmation of the relationship between the two companies as being further strengthened, and it comes at a good time, as playMGM plans a launch later this year to offer video poker and online casino games.

    There is also talk of progressive jackpots and tournament style poker games on the cards for their players. The great news is that “M life”, the rewards program from MGM Resorts, will be offered on this online platform as a points system that can be exchanged for accommodation at MGM Resorts throughout the USA. This is sure to entice new users to their online gaming platform, especially in light of the variety of games on offer, and the depth of bonuses that are said to be up for grabs when the system finally launches a little bit later on in the year.

    MGM Resorts to Offer Casino and Poker Platforms GVC holdings

    One of the reasons for MGM to celebrate is the fact that it’s the first time in the company’s history that they are able to offer a real money online casino for their players. The hope is that this venture is to attract new customers through its rewards program. This program offers  rewards  based on longevity in mind, as each dollar spent online, within a certain amount of time, awards players with enough points to enjoy at one of the 15 MGMresorts around the USA. There is real value in MGM’s proposed new online venture as they are a world leader in the global hospitality niche, and as such has a superb track record for top-class accommodation.

    GVC on the other hand, is a leader in the field of online gaming solutions, and they have many different brands they control, such as partypoker, partycasino, CasinoClub, GiocoDigitale, and Foxy Bingo. Each of these are doing well in their own right, so it is great to see the likes of MGM and GVC coming together in this way. GVC are based in the Isle of Man, but is licensed on over 18 different countries around the world.

    Between these two entities we are looking at gaining another fantastic online gaming platform for players to enjoy, with the added benefit of giving away great bonuses through a revolutionary points system. The collaboration certainly appears to be on the right track to gaining some new clients.

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