Monster Casino of the Month: PlayFrank

    PlayFrank: Monster Casino of The Month August

    Due to the sheer number of online casinos out there, it can sometimes be difficult to separate the quality casinos from the average ones, especially if you are a newcomer to the casino world. Indeed, if you are a newbie and you have stumbled upon this article in the hopes that you will find a guide to avoid the average casinos, then you are in luck. Our experts here at Online Casino Monsters do exactly as our name suggests, we point you towards the monster casinos in the online casino industry – the best of the best. This month we have a casino with a big following in the UK – PlayFrank casino.

    PlayFrank is a well-known casino operating mainly in the United Kingdom but due to its success in the UK, PlayFrank has begun branching out to Germany as well as Finland and has plans to enter the Canadian market. PlayFrank features in our list of Monster Casinos due to its reputation of being one of the most honest and trustworthy casinos operating in the UK market. In addition, PlayFrank has several features that ensures it stands out and shines brighter than the rest.

    Gamification System

    In order to keep its players happy and entertained, PlayFrank has set up a unique gamification system. If you don’t know, gamification focusses on making a typically monotonous task more entertaining. Recently, the iGaming industry in which online casinos are a part of, have been switching their focus towards mobile phone-based platforms and apps in order to target mobile phone users. Gamification is a great way in which to market yourself to mobile phone users and to keep them engaged.

    According to TMC Net News, “PlayFrank collaborate with game designers and providers in order to create the best possible product for players.” In an interview with Game Industry, PlayFrank’s project manager explains one its unique gamification features known as ‘Tracks.’

    In the interview he states: “We offer players the option to ‘level up’ within a levelling system unique to our site, which becomes a game in itself. We call them ‘Tracks’. If you complete the first Track, this opens the possibility to choose from new Tracks. They’re basically player journeys which become increasingly elaborate and customized the more you play.

    “For example, a player can choose a ‘Free Spin Track’, whereby if they level up they get free spins. Alternatively, they can do a Bonus Track and earn deposit bonuses.”

    Daily Challenges

    PlayFrank also offer their players Daily Challenges whereby if the player completes them, they will be rewarded. Rewards include free bonus spins, deposit bonuses and cashback options as well as a whole host of other delights to keep players entertained and happy. Players are even able to reward themselves by choosing between the likes of extra deposit bonuses or cashback rewards during challenges. Thanks to the Tracks feature, the more time players spend playing their favourite casino games and making use of the daily challenges, the higher up their track scores will be and the greater the rewards they will receive.

    Focus on the UK

    Unlike a lot of casinos, which spread themselves too thinly across a variety of markets, PlayFrank focus the vast majority of their focus on their players in the UK. The casino issues weekly and monthly newsletters which ensure that players are kept up to date on new releases. Players are also informed which games offer them the best value for money – this in particular demonstrates how trustworthy the casino is and how they put the players first always. At the same time, their customer support team is made up of British nationals, unlike other casinos which sometimes tend to hire their support team based on who they can find who is the cheapest.


    PlayFrank is certainly one of the best casinos operating in the UK today. At the same time, PlayFrank is a growing casino. Due to its high aspirations to become the most well-known online casino in the UK, the team at PlayFrank tell us that they feel they have a responsibility to keep players happy at all times. Thus, they want to ensure that their players remain loyal to them by offering more than a lot of the larger reputation casinos offer. PlayFrank will never forget their loyal players in order to welcome the new; it is a 50:50 playing field as far as they are concerned.

    Due to its reliability, openness and willingness to please its players, PlayFrank has earned its place in our list of Monster Casinos.


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