Morten Viken Who Defrauded Norwegian Players in 2015

    Morten Viken scam

    Back in 2015, Morten Viken defrauded a number of Norwegian players who were customers of his 70Bet site. Two years ago, this bookmaking site simply decided they wouldn’t pay their players and disappeared off the face of the earth. Now, after a couple of years of silence, Viken seems to be back to his old tricks, as he’s launched a brand new site called Entrobet, once again offering deals that seem too be good to be true.


    (Re)building Reputation

    Intent on bringing as many new players as possible to Entrobet, Viken has signed on a number of well-known Norwegian poker celebrities to represent the site. One of these is Andreas Hoivold, an EPT winner with good connections in the gambling community. Hoivold and others will act as site ambassadors, but it wouldn’t be beyond Morten Viken to exploit their image for his personal gain, without these players ever knowing what’s going on before it is too late.
    Apart from bringing in poker celebrities to boost the site’s image, Entrobet also offers one of the largest deposit bonuses in the industry. Players can claim the first deposit bonus of 200% up to €400, which is by far the best offer in the market. But, as the old saying goes, if it’s too good to be true…

    Given Viken’s past actions, this entire marketing campaign could be his attempt to secure as many deposits as possible in a short period. It’s also highly suspicious that Neteller is the only deposit method currently accepted at Entrobet when most sites try to provide numerous deposit options for their players. With Neteller, however, unlike with credit cards, players would have a hard time getting their funds back should the 2015 scenario repeat.


    70Bet Fiasco

    After 70Bet went under in 2015, many players were left scratching their heads, without access to their funds. Today, there aren’t many traces of the entire scandal left on the internet, as Viken clearly did a good job cleaning up.

    However, this doesn’t negate the fact that players were robbed out of their money two years ago, and players need to be made aware of this. There is a good chance that Entrobet is another attempt at a money grab, and for the time being, it would be wise to exercise caution and avoid depositing any money with this company. While players might be tempted because of the generous bonus, this is, in fact, one of the few red flags that caught our attention.


    Why You Should Stay away from Entrobet

    First and foremost, if you are unaware of the entire 70Bet situation, the way things went down in 2015 was anything but pretty. The company went bankrupt and refused to pay people their money without providing any kind of a proper explanation. In theory (and in practice, with legitimate betting and gambling companies), players’ deposits are to be kept separate from the operating funds. Hence, even if the company went bankrupt, this shouldn’t have affected players’ deposits.

    However, that’s exactly what happened, as players didn’t see a single penny of their money. Morten Viken was the man in charge, and instead of trying to do the right thing, he simply went into hiding. Now, he’s back with a brand new site, without a single word of apology, clearly hoping that past had been forgotten. Going into business with this kind of a person is a risky proposition, to say the least.
    Furthermore, there is the already mentioned 200% bonus. It is clear this bonus was designed to attract players, as it is by far the best offer out there. One must ask, however, how is it possible that much bigger companies than Entrobet don’t offer such a great deals, given it would be a great marketing strategy?

    According to industry insiders, the answer is simple. Bonuses this large simply aren’t feasible, and companies can’t afford to legitimately offer them in the long run. But, if you are only interested in the number of raw deposits (because you don’t plan on paying any winnings, for example), then it makes perfect sense to offer such an incredible bonus. It can’t hurt your bottom line if you aren’t actually planning on paying your players.

    Finally, we must consider the fact that Neteller is the only available option for deposits, likely for the reasons already mentioned. It is also worth noting that the site’s software looks very cheap and outdated, which isn’t something you’d expect to see from a company giving away so much money in bonuses. If they have plenty of cash to go around, why not offer decent software and attract players with it as well, instead of going for the cheapest possible option?


    Of course, the site is licensed in Curacao, despite the fact that the fact company is registered in Malta – again, the cheapest and simplest solution.

    Deceptive Marketing Strategies

    Morten Viken is using poker players as ambassadors for his site and, unfortunately, this wouldn’t be the first time for well-known poker players to become unwitting accomplices in robbing players blind. The best such example in Norway is that of Eurolinx Poker, which used the image and trustworthiness of many high-profile poker figures to scam their players.


    A Plot Twist

    Whether because of the bad press or because he’s actually trying to do the right thing (we’re still not convinced), Morten Viken sent out an email to all former players. In the email, Viken promises all of their 2015 balances will be fully reimbursed via Entrobet. Allegedly, players who had outstanding balances will be able to withdraw these immediately, while those who had active bonuses will have to meet a 3x rollover requirement before a withdrawal.

    While this may be good news for former 70Bet customers who have been waiting for something to happen for two full years, we must still advise caution. It is highly likely that players will need to first make at least a minimum deposit before being able to cash out. If this is the case in question, one must wonder if it is really an attempt to reimburse players or another ploy to secure even more deposits.
    We been trying to get in touch with Viken and his poker team, non has answered us yet, we will follow up this case live from Dublin. Please tip us on



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