Motorhead Slot Game Review

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    Fans of Rock And Roll and online gambling got a few of their wishes to come true by NetEnt. Motorhead slot game is one of those wishes. Few bands have as much to Rock And Roll as Motorhead. This game is a way of connecting with all the great Motorhead memories in a casino online game.

    Combining online gambling with other hobbies such as music has always been NetEnt’s strong suite. This online casino game does just that and adds quite a few extremely lucrative gameplay features on top. Motorhead is one of those slot machines that will never pay huge jackpots, which means you can count on many consistent smaller wins.

    We examine the Motorhead online casino game in detail and compare it to other slot machines found in casino online sites to find out if there is value in playing it.

    Motorhead Slot Features

    Motorhead slot

    Motorhead is a game based on the famous Rock And Roll band, but after all, it is just another one of NetEnt’s slot machines. As such, it has certain gameplay features characteristic to online casino slot machines.

    First of those is the Wild symbol which can appear anywhere across the five reels. The Wild symbol substitutes all symbols other than the Scatter, much like it does in all casino online slot machines. The Scatter symbol, in turn, activates the free spins when three are stopped on reels 3, 4 and 5.

    The mystery reel feature is, in fact, the most important feature of the game. Mystery symbols can appear on one or more reels and will all transform into one select symbol. This makes playing this online casino game potentially very lucrative.

    During both the free spins and the base game, a random Bomber Feature can also be activated, which turns at least ten random symbols into Wilds. Free spins can be extended by stopping more Scatter symbols during the free spins, much like in other online gambling games.

    Motorhead Slot Graphics And Audio

    All graphics and audio in this online casino game are based on the work of the Motorhead band. Unlike most other casino online slot machines, the background music in this game is actually music by the band and not just some made up cover.

    Playing the Motorhead slot in a casino online is certainly a unique online gambling experience and one that most players will enjoy. While containing free spins and other classic features of online casino slot machines, this game also brings back quite a few precious memories for the true fans of Rock And Roll.

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