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    Free Play Mode is not available for UK Players because of UK regulations. But don`t worry, you can play Mr. Vegas Slot for real here

    Mr. Vegas is another Las Vegas-themed online casino slot full of bright lights, golden objects, and animated and likeable characters. However, as far as Vegas-style slots go, this one is easily one of the shiniest. It is also one of the farthest removed from real casinos and regular casino slots, due to the interface and all the cheesy symbols. But, despite its unrealistic look and cartoonish characters, Mr. Vegas manages to present a playful online gambling experience nonetheless.

    Being one of the most popular slots from Betsoft, Mr. Vegas has its own animated 3D introduction sequence that is so bold, you know it must be about Las Vegas. The 5 reels and 30 paylines offer their fair share of chances to land big wins among all the flashy lights and gold ornaments. Each big win or activated bonus feature will follow with another great animation.

    Design and Audio

    The 3D-animated intro sequence I mentioned before will give a real feel for this online casino slot. It contains all the exaggerated traits of this city, but Mr. Vegas manages to make it look entertaining and a bit adorable with its visuals and audio. It has showgirls, players, roulettes, blackjack, champagne and the famous Las Vega city sign – all coming together to create a memorable online gambling experience.

    The soundtrack is mostly swing music with jazz, in the vein of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. Players will feel at home during each spin. It might not be ‘New York, New York’, but if you win, you’ll sing ‘Las Vegas, baby, Las Vegas’.

    Mr Vegas Slot Review game

    Gameplay & Features

    This slot has no special Wild symbol, but contains a variety of bonus icons, like Mr. Vegas, a dice, a slot machine, that can trigger special bonus features:

    • Free spins can be triggered when you land the dice to the left or right of the Mr. Vegas icon on reels 1, 2 or 3, and the dice will reveal how many free spins you’ve won, with 12 possible Ffree spins. Rolling a double will award you a double multiplier and you can earn more free spins if you land more combos
    • The Mini Slots bonus is another free spins round which can be triggered landing 3 or more slot machines on the reels. This will give you the chance to play a round of free spins on the Mini slot.
    • The Money Wheel Jackpot bonus needs you to land 5 of the wheel segments to trigger this game. Here, you can spin the Money Wheel and win free spins, cash prizes, or a chance at the progressive jackpot
    • The Roulette bonus round needs you to land 3 Mr. Vegas icons on reels 1, 3 and 5 to play a game of roulette with Mr. Vegas himself to win cash prizes

    Mr Vegas Slot Review gameplay

    The progressive jackpot’s amount is displayed above the slot sign and depends on the size of your bets. It can be won when you play the Money Wheel and get the right segment. This will make for a great cash amount in case you hit the jackpot.


    Mr. Vegas is one of the most colourful and shiny slots out there, but it has quality animations and great special features. There is a sea of Las Vegas-themed online casino slots, but I’d say go for the one that has the best special features if you wish to have the best online gambling experience.

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