Mythic Maiden Slot Game Review

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    If you were out for a gambling experience that soothes, Mythic Maiden slot might not be your best choice. This online casino game is one of NetEnt’s scarier slot machines and it is meant to get some adrenaline pumping.

    The scary casino slot comes with 30 paylines across 5 reels and with some classic gameplay features. All of these things are hidden in a mysterious and creepy shell, creating one of the more disturbing slot machines in an online casino environment.

    This is not to say Mythic Maiden slot is not a great slot! All we are saying is that it’s not the kind of casino game that you may want to play alone or if you are easily scared. Let’s take a closer look at the features and graphics of this online casino slot and see how it compares online gambling experience provided by other slot machines.

    Mythic Maiden Slot Features

    Mythic Maiden slot

    When it comes to gameplay, Mythic Maiden plays like many classic online casino video slot machines. A Wild symbol that multiplies all wins by 3 may appear, while three or more Scatter symbols will activate a round of free spins.

    During the free spins, more free spins can be earned, and every spin will reveal up to +2 additional free spins or a multiplier between 2x and 10x on the current spin. Those are pretty much all the features of this online casino game, but the free spins can be extremely lucrative with Wild multipliers and the additional multipliers possibly making larger paylines than you would expect in other slot machines.

    Mythic Maiden Slot Graphics And Audio

    This is where Mythic Maiden slot really excels. It is certainly one of the scariest casino online slot machines, with creepy spiders, horrible skulls, and other unnerving symbols placed on a very mysterious background.

    The sounds of the online casino game make it even scarier, as you may find yourself looking behind you when the various sounds of the game start to converge and get under your skin. This was surely the NetEnt slot machines developers’ aim with this casino online game, and they have completed their mission to the fullest.

    Final Verdict

    Online gambling can be soothing, or it can be scary. In the case of Mythic Maiden slot, it is very scary, but this makes the sensation of winning even better as you truly feel like you walked away a winner, with money AND your life! This online casino game falls in the very top category, and if you don’t mind some chills down your spine, it will be one of the finest online gambling experiences.

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