NetEnt Announces The First VR Slot Machine

    NetEnt Announces The First VR Slot thumb

    The world of technology is constantly evolving and the Virtual Reality seems to be the trend that most industries are moving towards. While still in its inceptions, VR has made some fantastic strides in recent months and we have seen some major advancements in the arena.

    No wonder that the online casino industry is joining the trend as well and that the industry leading games creators NetEnt are at the forefront of this push into the new arena. A recent statement by the Swedish game studio announced that one of their most popular slots will be going VR within the coming month as a trial run of what is likely to come in the future.

    Gonzo’s Quest – The Player Favorite

    Gonzo’s Quest SlotWhen deciding to make their first ever Virtual Reality slot machine, NetEnt had to think about which game to launch for the platform. The decision fell to Gonzo’s Quest and for a very good reason, as the game is one of the absolute favorites among the online slot machine players.

    The exciting game has been attracting huge crowds ever since its inception and now it was selected to make history as the first ever virtual reality slot. This is a great honor and a lot of thought was surely put into which game would fit the best into the VR as well as which game title will attract the most players.

    Prototype Presented At The ICE Conference

    NetEnt have always been ones to push the boundaries in the online casino industry and wit virtual reality becoming more and more present in our daily lives, it is no wonder that they were the first to also introduce online casino gaming for VR devices.virtual reality becoming more and more present in our daily lives

    NetEnt developers used WebVR, a JavaScript API that is used to access the VR Headsets and is currently one of the most progressive ones in the market. The developers believed this API will be ready for actual gameplay by 2018 and this is the reason they used it to create the VR version of Gonzo’s Quest.

    The already existing casino module will be used to distribute the exciting slot game to new and old players through the Virtual Reality devices that more and more people are beginning to own. Within a few years, we could see a big part of the industry switch to VR as it once did to the mobile devices.

    Bright Future

    During the conference where the prototype of the first ever VR slot machine was presented, the CEO of NetEnt, Per Eriksson spoke highly of the virtual reality as a concept and announced that according to all metrics, the virtual reality has a bright future in the online casino arena.

    Eriksson was proud to say that once again NetEnt are at the very forefront of technology in the industry and that the production of the game is yet another major milestone in for the company who have been clear leaders of the online casino industry for some years.

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