New CEO for Mr. Green & Technology

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    Mr. Green & Technology, a subsidiary of Malta based sportsbook and online casino, Mr. Green, has appointed a permanent chief executive officer known as Mattias Weder.

     New CEO for Mr. Green Technology Mattias WederWeder brings a wealth of leadership and management experience to Mr. Green & Technology. In his previous leadership roles, Weder had dual responsibilities working for Sweden and Finland as well as Denmark. Weder was Swedish search portal, Eniro’s, chief executive officer and also the company’s chief information officer. Other notable managerial roles include being a management consultant and the dual role of manager and key account manager at Accenture.

    Weber’s appointment has been a welcome boost not only to Mr. Green & Technology, but also the parent company itself, Mr. Green. Speaking on the sidelines after confirming the appointment of Weber, Mr. Green’s chief executive officer Per Norman stated that the entire Mr. Green group of companies was enthralled with his on boarding. He went on to say that Weber’s vast experience in the areas of technology development, marketing, and the digital industry itself, will greatly aid the development of Mr. Green & Technology.

    Norman mentioned that Weber was the perfect man to shape and implement the company’s business strategy which aims at developing the brand’s platform, creating a larger customer base and implementing effective customer experience. Implementation of digital technology will help in streamlining individual player preferences which will ultimately help achieve the company’s business strategy.

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    The appointment of Weber comes after the departure of the previous chief executive officer, Niclas Enhorning, in December of 2017, who left to start his own company. Green & Technology had placed Stefan Gustafsson as the chief executive officer since the departure of Mr.Enhorning on an interim basis before the final arrival of Weber. It is said that Weber will start his new role as Mr. Green &Technology’s chief executive officer in September of this year.

    There is a wave of optimism among many in the company and in particular the gaming industry in general. Speculations are that the appointment of Weber is to help Mr. Green move away from its negative trading figures. In the first half of the year, Mr. Green & Technology has been trading on average at 0.5 percent at Swedish Krona per share. In argue for his recruitment, it is reinforced by the fact that Eniro’s share price rose significantly when Weber was in charge.

    Weber’s appointment has left many quite ecstatic due to his industriousness and dedication in his work. His experience and talent will no doubt lead to the scaling up of Mr. Green & Technology aspirations. His work at Eniro where he excelled in driving strong growth, tremendous product innovation and partnerships will help boost Mr. Green & Technology’s presence in the digital industry.

    Mr. Green & Technology headquarters are based in Stockholm while the operations department is based in Malta, much like Mr. Green itself. The company reportedly generated Swedish Krona 793 million in revenue in 2015.

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