medusa 2 video slot
    Games 05-12-2019

    Medusa II Video Slot Review

    Medusa II Slot Review Medusa II is an online casino slot developed by NextGen Gaming, taking you into the world of Greek myths and legends. Medusa, once a beautiful girl, was turned into a monster by goddess Athena. Now, her gaze turns everyone who looks into her eyes to stone. Medusa II is one of […]

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    medusa casino slot
    Games 03-12-2019

    Medusa Casino Slot Review

    Medusa Online Casino Slot From Nextgen Gaming comes another well-crafted and Greek culture inspired online casino slot by the wonderfully simplistic name of Medusa. For those unaware of who or what the Medusa is – the Medusa was an ancient monster, a Gorgon, in the form of a female with a head full of snakes […]

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    James Dean slot
    Games 01-12-2019

    James Dean Slot Review

    James Dean Slot NextGen is known for developing visually attractive and exciting online casino slot machines. It is no surprise that their James Dean casino online slot follows the same logic and offers thrilling and engaging online gambling experience. This casino online game takes you back in time and puts you inside the world of […]

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    great wild elk slot
    Games 29-11-2019

    Great Wild Elk Casino Slot Review

    Great Wild Elk Online Casino Slot When you hear or see the name Nextgen, you normally associate it with cutting-edge 3D animations and fantastic original ideas which they incorporate into their online casino slots. The same applies to their new creation, Great Wild Elk. This wonderful online gambling slot will take you to a beautifully […]

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    genie wild slot
    Games 27-11-2019

    Genie Wild Casino Slot

    Genie Wild Online Casino Slot Review Who among us has never expressed the desire to find a magic lamp that would grant you three wishes? And who among us wouldn’t have used at least one of those three to wish for an infinite number of wishes? Probably everyone, on both accounts. And while it is […]

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    Games 25-11-2019

    Doubleplay Super Bet

    Doubleplay Super Bet Review Doubleplay Super Bet by NextGen Gaming combines the best elements of old and new slot machines. This online casino game will appeal to older players because it uses traditional slot symbols. At the same time, the graphics are very modern and powerful. The synergy found in this casino online slot is […]

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    doctor love slot review
    Games 31-10-2019

    Doctor Love Slot Review

    Doctor Love Online Casino Slot Nobody really likes to visit hospitals or doctors, because it always implies something terrible is either going to happen or has already happened. Well, you shouldn’t think that way about Nextgen Gaming’s new addition to the vast catalogue of exciting video slots, Doctor Love. This is a visit to a […]

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    cash stampede slot review
    Games 30-10-2019

    Cash Stampede Slot Review

    Cash Stampede Online Casino Slot The rare sight of stampeding animals is both a wonderful and terrifying scene to behold. If it’s a cat stampede, you don’t have to worry, but if it’s any animal larger than a dog, you need to run. If it happens to be a ‘cash stampede’, you need to prepare […]

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    300 shields slot review
    Games 29-10-2019

    300 Shields Slot Review

    300 Shields Online Casino Slot From the very start of this online casino slot, you know what it is about – the famous 300 Spartans and King Leonidas. This particular slot has a closer connection to Frank Miller’s famous 300 comic book by the same name and it will not let you forget that. It […]

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