Online Baccarat | Rules, Tips, Variations & Baccarat Casino Bonuses

    Online baccaratOnline baccarat is one of the fastest growing online casino games in terms of popularity as more and more casino gamblers discover just how easy and fun online baccarat can be. In fact, western casino gamblers are merely playing catch up with Asian casino gamblers who have been enjoying the game in both brick and mortar casinos all over Asia as well as in online casinos.

    The game of baccarat is another one of the original casino games that forms part of the foundation of non-slots gambling games in both land-based as well as online casinos along with online roulette, online blackjack and online craps.

    Baccarat History

    Just like roulette and blackjack, baccarat is said to have developed in Europe and there are several possible sources that gave rise to the card game that we know today as baccarat. While a number versions contain similarities including similar games played in Spain, England, France as well as parts of Asia, the games that resemble the modern version most closely are Chemin de Fer, Punto Banco and Baccarat Banque. In today’s online casinos, these three variations can be found along with live online baccarat and mini online baccarat.

    Throughout its history, the game of baccarat has always been associated with nobility or elite classes, mainly because the original games were only played by the aristocracy of Europe at the time. Many of today’s top brick and mortar casinos still offer the game as an exclusive sort of game and you will often see their baccarat tables placed either in separate rooms or roped off with velvet ropes. Of course the game is entirely accessible to any player, especially when it comes to online casinos, but the idea of the game being the pursuit of royalty is something that many casinos still love to promote in order to keep the game intriguing and inviting. Regardless of the version being played, baccarat is a table card game also often classified as a show and compare card game. This basically just means that the game is played by comparing one hand to another in a similar way to poker or blackjack.

    Online Baccarat Rules

    Hand of dealer at baccarat tableLearning to play online baccarat is actually very easy to do as there are only three basic kinds of bets that you can make. The game is similar to online blackjack in some ways as both games use standard playing cards, both assign different values to different cards and both deal a basic two card hand. However, online blackjack contains quite a few more betting options and is played between the player and the house/dealer while online baccarat is essentially played between two playing positions with the house (casino) acting as the ‘middleman’.

    The three basic betting positions that all players in a game of baccarat can bet on includes the following:

    • Players can bet on the Banker position to win
    • Players can bet on the Player position to win
    • Players can bet on the Tie bet between the two positions

    The object of the game is for either the Player position or the Banker position to obtain a two card total of either 8 or 9 to win the round. This is achieved by adding the two cards together to obtain a single number. If the two card total is a double digit total (10 or higher) then the first number is discarded, so if for example the two card total was 12, the baccarat card total would be 2.

    The card values in baccarat are as follows:

    • All kings are equal to zero
    • All queens are equal to zero
    • All jacks are equal to zero
    • All ace cards are equal to one
    • All ten (10) cards are equal to zero
    • Cards two through nine are equal to their face value

    Online baccarat games are generally played with six decks of standard playing cards although there are some games that make use of up to eight decks of standard playing cards. A normal round of baccarat begins with players placing bets on either the Player position or the Banker position. the baccarat dealer then deals two cards to the Player position followed by two cards to the Banker position. If the Player position two card total equals zero through five, the Player position draws a third card. If on the other hand, the banker position two card total is equivalent to seven, eight or nine, the Banker Position automatically wins and there is no third card drawn. The Banker position does however draw a third card on a two card total of two, three or four.

    Online Baccarat Tips

    Online baccarat is relatively simple card game to learn to play as there are only three possible betting options that can be made. Each of these three betting options carries its own house advantage percentage and it helps to know this information when making online baccarat bets. The house advantage is the amount, expressed in a percentage that the casino has over the player, in other words, the odds are more in the houses favour than in the players.

    Choosing your bet based on how much advantage percentage the house enjoys could help you enjoy more success in the game. The following is the house advantage percentage associated with each betting type associated with online baccarat:

    • Betting on the Banker position = 1.06% house advantage
    • Betting on the Player position = 1.24% house advantage
    • Betting on a Tie position = 14.36%

    As one can deduce from the above, betting on the Banker position presents the best odds for the player while betting on the Tie position presents the worst odds for the player even though the Tie position offers the highest payout.

    Baccarat Variations

    There are many popular variations of online baccarat that are available at most top online casinos including the following.

    • High Limit Baccarat: This version is based on standard baccarat and uses the mini online baccarat table. Gameplay is the same as standard baccarat, using the same 53 card playing decks. The variation lies in the ability for players to enjoy much higher betting limits than standard baccarat offers.
    • Baccarat Gold: Also bases on standard online baccarat but played on a full size baccarat table. Baccarat Gold offer much higher levels of sound and 3D graphics qualities than standard baccarat and is available in a single player format.

    Software Providers For Online Baccarat

    The most popular versions of online baccarat such as the ones outlined above are produced by Microgaming, the oldest and most distinguished online casino software provider on the web. Playtech are also very well-known for designing and producing top quality online baccarat games.