Online Blackjack | Rules, Tips, Variations & Blackjack Casino Bonuses

    Online blackjackOnline blackjack is rated as the single most popular online casino game outside of online slots and is played by millions of people all over the world. Like other casino games such as online roulette and online baccarat, online blackjack forms the foundation of any online casino gaming library and has an interesting and colourful history. One of the main reasons why online blackjack is so popular all over the world is that the game is not only easy to learn to play, but also exciting, challenging, fast and offers one of the lowest house advantages of all the other online casino games. Various online casinos also carry a range of interesting blackjack variations which take the original game and add a unique spin on it to make the game even more fun, exciting and challenging.

    History Of Blackjack

    While no one is really one hundred percent sure of where the game of blackjack actually originated, popular theory is that the game that we know developed in Europe during the 1700’s. There are two main schools of thought regarding the origins of blackjack. One believes that the game began in France and is based on an original game called Vingt-et-Un. The other school of thought believes that the game is derived from an original Spanish game which is possibly older than the French Vingt-et-Un game called Ventuina.

    Both of these games are named after the object of the game which is to reach a score of 21 using standard playing cards. Other similarities shared by the games include the Ace cards being valued at either one or eleven, depending on the hand needed. The main difference however, is that the Spanish version used the Spanish deck of cards known as the baraja deck which is distinctive in that it does not contain any eight or nine value cards.

    There was also a similar game being played in England more or less around the same time called Pontoon, which is still played today and shared similar objectives as the French and Spanish games. The game of twenty-one was eventually introduced into American casinos and gambling dens by European sailors who brought the game over with them.

    To attract more interest from local poker players, various gambling establishments began to offer bigger and better payouts on certain hands including a massive ten to one payout. The ten to one payout was only offered on hands which contained an ace of spades and a blackjack which could be either the jack of spades or the jack of clubs. This distinctive hand became known as a blackjack hand, giving rise to the new name for the game of twenty-one.

    Rules For Playing Online blackjack

    The rules of online blackjack are quite simple and the basics apply to all versions of the game. There are of course quite a few variations to online blackjack which will contain a few additional rules or will contain a few basic modifications to the original blackjack rules.

    Blackjack dealerThe basics of online blackjack are easy to understand and each player participating in a round of standard blackjack game needs to make the best possible score out of an initial two card hand. The idea is to get 21, blackjack or as close as possible without going over 21. Any player that exceeds this
    total is automatically out of the round and this is known commonly as going ‘bust’. Players also have a number options after receiving their initial two card hand. The dealer also receives two cards although, in most online online blackjack games, the dealer will only present one up card (card facing up) while the other card is down facing, also known as a ‘hole card’.

    Each player is allowed to make certain basic moves or decisions based on the hand that they have been dealt. The following is a short summary of the basic betting options that each player is able to access:

    • Hit: If a player requires additional cards to increase their overall total, the player can indicate with a gesture and the dealer will issue an additional card.
    • Stand: In a similar fashion, each player can indicate that they are happy with tier current two card hand and will not receive additional cards.
    • Split: Any player who receives two cards of the same value is allowed to split them into additional bets. For example, a player with two eights can split them and make two separate bets, receiving additional cards on each new hand.
    • Double Down: Players have the option to double their bet on a hand that they feel has the potential to hit a online blackjack and can do so by increasing the bet size already on the table. The player will then also receive an additional card.

    Online Blackjack Tips

    Online blackjack is one of the most popular casino card games for adopting and implementing various blackjack strategies. There are many different blackjack strategies to choose from and some work well for certain players while others will askew them and choose something different. Ultimately the choice is a largely personal one although almost every serious blackjack player employs what is known as a basic strategy as a foundation.

    A basic blackjack strategy is simply a set of rules that have been devised over a long period of time and involves consulting a chart which dictates the appropriate response of any two card blackjack hand against the dealers ‘show card’. Implementing this basic blackjack strategy is vital for one’s success.

    Blackjack Variations

    Of all online casino games, online blackjack has more variations than perhaps any other game type. These variations are enormously popular and provide a few very interesting alternatives that are worth trying out. Popular blackjack variations include:

    • Vegas Strip Blackjack
    • Double Exposure Blackjack
    • Blackjack Switch
    • Spanish Blackjack
    • Pontoon
    • Blackjack Surrender
    • Progressive Blackjack

    Software Providers For Online Blackjack

    While almost every top online casino software provider offers their own versions of classic casino games like online blackjack, it is always a good idea to start with the more established providers such as Playtech and Microgaming. Other popular software providers that also provide live versions of online blackjack include Evolution Gaming and NetEnt.