Online Casino Loyalty Programs Explained

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    Online Casino Loyalty Programs Explained

    When you start your quest on finding a nice, trustworthy online casino to join, you see that almost all of them offer a loyalty program or a VIP program. As the name implies, these are programs especially designed for those players that are loyal to the casino, that keep on coming back and stick to it. The casino operators, in return for their trust and loyalty, reward these players with some special discounts, bonuses, bonus matches, cash prizes and all kinds of other gifts.

    Naturally, for you to choose a casino based on what the loyalty program has to offer can be quite difficult. You’d have to explore many casinos and understand all their offerings and come up with a conclusion. That is why you could use the following guide on how to choose the proper casino for you that will reward you the most.

    How Do Loyalty Programs Work?

    As you can notice, there are thousands of online casinos today. And as in every industry, there is a great competition among the best online casino sites. So, they have started offering players different types of perks in order to keep them engaged and make them stay at their sites. This is how they have created the loyalty schemes.

    The loyalty programs gradually reward players, depending on their level of activity. They reward players with casino currencies or points that can be converted into bonuses, increased-value bonuses, real cash, weekend getaways, smartphones, perfumes, jewelry, coupons, personal account managers, etc. The more they level up, the more they get.

    What Are Casino Currencies or Points and How Do You Collect Them?

    Casino operators develop their own casino currencies or points and use them to reward the players. The player earns the points by logging in, depositing and playing regularly the games in that casino. Now, you can exchange them for different prizes or collect them so you can level up and get even more benefits.

    Most casinos offer 1 point for each £10 deposited. But that depends entirely on the casino. Some are more generous and give 1 point for each £5.

    How Do You Monitor Your Leveling Progress?

    There is usually a meter or a bar that shows you how many points you have selected so far and how much more do you need to collect in order to advance to the next level or get a certain reward. The rewards are either randomly selected form a list of prizes or are predetermined. Some casinos even give you a choice to either take the prize or exchange it for its cash value.

    Nevertheless, you should know that as a loyal player, you get far more than a casual player that comes and goes. As you keep on climbing through the levels, their value keeps on increasing. So, all you need to do is pick a casino with the most generous online casino loyalty programs, keep track of your leveling progress, and enjoy the benefits.

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