Online Craps | Rules, Tips, & Online Craps Casino Bonuses

    Online crapsThe game of craps is one of the most interesting table games found at brick and mortar casinos. Online craps, similarly, are also gaining in popularity at online casinos too. In land-based casinos, one often finds that the craps table is where most of the exciting action happens and there is often a crowd around the table watching the action unfold.

    Craps is a table-based dice game and players have to make bets on the outcome of the roll of the dice or more than one roll as the case may be. There are various versions of craps with the informal game played outside of land-based or online casinos known as street craps and the formal version known as bank craps or simply just craps. In either instance, the game offers a range of interesting betting options to suit all preferences and levels of experience.

    History Of Craps

    The game of craps as we know it today evolved over a long period of time with popular opinion pointing to a much earlier English game called “Hazard” as the key source for the modern craps game. The interesting name “craps” has also been a source of wonder and conjecture although the majority of casino game historians believe that the name evolved from the original French word crapaud which means ‘toad’. The name is thought to have been used to describe the stance of street craps players who crouch or squat over or next to the game.

    Dice on craps table in casinoIt is actually thanks to the widespread popularity of street craps, where the game is played informally on any street surface or sidewalk area. These areas also provide a natural ‘backstop’ for the dice to hit against such as a curb or step up (stairway). In fact, street craps was enormously popular during World War II as soldiers would play this game to ease boredom when waiting for new orders. In this case the game was not played in the traditional street craps way with a backstop. Instead the game was played using an army blanket as a playing surface and no backstop to catch the dice after a roll or throw. This is said to have led to a special rolling or throwing technique which is still used today known as the “army blanket roll”.

    Casino craps, also known as Bank Craps is taken directly from the American version which is a refined version of the original game influenced by “hazard”. The game of hazard is thought to be as old as the crusades and later versions of the game were popular in France. In fact, French players including Bernard Xavier Philippe de Marigny de Mandeville popularized the game in New Orleans, a French colony at the time. Apparently Bernard’s version was imperfect and contained a rather serious loophole which players in the new world quickly exploited. Crooked players used fixed dice and limited existing betting options to exploit the house. It was not until a dice manufacturer named John Winn came up with the additional bet of “don’t pass” that the game became much more competitive for both sides and is the version still played in land-based and online casinos today.

    Online Craps Rules

    In most instances the rules governing craps remains the same although individual casinos can determine which bets they wish to offer in their games. Players participating in a game are able to take turns rolling a pair of dice and the player engaged in this is known as the shooter. There are various bets which players can choose from by placing chips on corresponding areas of the table at this time.

    Essentially the object of the game is for players to bet on the outcome of a throw in a single round and there are various betting options to accommodate this. The player who has adopted the role of the shooter in a particular round must have placed a bet on either the “Pass” or the “Don’t Pass” lines. The main betting options in a typical game is essentially based on whether a throw will win or lose and most craps tables will be marked with “Pass” or “Don’t Pass” to suit these two betting options. Some online and land-based craps tables will alternatively mark their tables as “Win” or “Don’t Win” in a more modern style or even “Right” or “Wrong” as an additional option.

    Tips For Playing Craps Online

    Online craps may seem like a very complex game that is difficult to learn from the outside looking in, but once you have spent time observing the game as well as following a few basic tips to get started, you should have no problem playing top online craps games. Try following these simple tips to get you started:

    • Learn all about the basics of playing craps including basic rules relevant to different variations
    • Placing a Pass Line best is your best betting option on the “Come-Out Roll”
    • Always take the Odds Bet, most online casinos will allow you to place an extra free Odds Bet once the shooter has established the point
    • Place two Come Bets along with your Pass Line Bet, this is one of the most popular betting strategies in online online craps and allows for bets or numbers in play, increasing your winning odds.

    Popular Variations Of Craps

    While in most brick and mortar casinos as well as online casinos most craps games on offer follow more traditional lines, there are a few interesting variations including the following:

    • Crapless Craps: This is a variation of bank craps that is not played in online or land-based casinos as this version ensures that players can never lose on Pass Line Bet.
    • High Point Craps: In this version, lower dice totals of 2 or 3 are ignored and the shooter rolls again. A roll of 11 or 12 will produce an even money payout while any other total sets the point.

    Software Providers For Online Craps

    Just about every top online casino software provider offers a online craps game nowadays including Microgaming, Cryptologic and Playtech right at the top of the online craps food chain.