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    Online kenoOnline keno is a highly popular and fun lottery-style online casino game that is gaining in popularity all over the world. The modern game is based on an Ancient Chinese concept and is played in many brick and mortar casinos as well as online casinos. Digital keno games are available as flash games and also as mobile casino games. The origins and the history of keno is very colourful and is also the source of much debate among gambling game experts and history buffs alike.

    History Of Keno

    The modern game of keno is so named after the Latin or French word (opinion is divided) meaning “five” for five winning numbers, in French – “quine” or “five each” in Latin – “quini”. The name refers to the actual structure of the modern keno gameplay, which requires five winning numbers in a row in order to unlock the main prize.

    Another notable school of thought puts the origins of modern keno in Ancient China and, once again there are two possible stories. On the one hand, many believe that the game was invented as a way to raise funds for the building of the Great Wall of China. The other story involves an Ancient Chinese general who devised the game as a way to collect funds to raise an army for conquest. Whichever version you choose to believe, the basic principles are identical as is the structure of the game itself.

    In this Chinese lottery, the first eighty Chinese characters were taken from the Thousand Character Classic and placed on a single sheet of paper. Anyone who wanted a chance to guess the five correct characters from the eighty choices could buy a card, pick five characters and then hand the card back in.

    The first actual documentation of the Chinese lottery system occurred in the mid 1800’s when the Portuguese government of Macau decided to grant lottery licenses to select operators. It is said that the results of major Chinese lottery events were carried to remote villages by special carrier pigeons. These special carrier pigeons were known as “white dove tickets” or “baak-gap-piu in Cantonese. When the first Chinese immigrants arrived in America to build the first Transcontinental Railroad, they brought the game with them. It was an immediate hit and westerners began calling the game “boc hop bu” which was as close as they could get to the actual pronunciation of the game. The game eventually spread across the land and, in the late 1800’s the game was officially introduced in gambling circles as keno.

    Rules For Playing Keno

    Learning to play keno is actually very easy to do and in fact, most of us have probably already played the game without even realizing it. This is because the majority of national or state lotteries use exactly the same principles as keno, with the same rules, gameplay and structure. The way that keno is played has not changed all that much in over two hundred years and the game works in exactly the same way.

    Keno signMost notable changes do include how many numbers are picked and how the payouts work, both of which can be determined by the individual land-based or online casino offering the games. To begin, players select numbers by using their mouse (at online casinos) which range from one to eighty and usually players are able to select a minimum of one number or a maximum of twenty. The next step in the process is to decide how much you would like to bet on your number choices and again, this varies from one online casino to another as well as from one game to another. The general average that you can bet on per number however is usually around $5 to around $10, minimum to maximum.

    The next and final step in the process is to play the numbers and you can usually do this by either pressing the “Play One” button or the “Play Five” button. This will release the numbers to be drawn and you will then be able to see how much you have won. If you have selected the “Play One” option, then the numbers drawn are only for one single game. If you chose to rather select the “Play Five” option the numbers drawn will be valid for five games in a row.

    Online Keno Tips

    Playing online keno is one of the easiest games to begin with at online casinos and is one of the most popular games for both novice casino gamblers and casual players alike. The rules and gameplay of online keno are also very straightforward and easy to learn and getting started only takes a few seconds. If you are new to online keno, here are a few quick tips to help get you started.

    1. Look for online casinos that offer free online keno games and start with these before playing for real money. This way you will be able to get used to how they work without risking any of your own money.
    2. Only play at online casinos that offer a maximum payout per game, this way you will win much more per winning online keno payout.
    3. Find online casinos that offer solid welcome bonuses and sign with them before playing online keno.
    4. Start with fewer numbers until you get used to the games on offer
    5. Shake things up by not sticking to the same set of numbers all the time or on every game.
    6. Place bets carefully, once you have chosen your numbers and have submitted your bets (how much you want to bet on each number) they cannot be taken back.

    Popular Variations Of Keno

    Contrary to popular belief there are tons of great online keno games available at a wide range of online casinos. Here are just a few of the most popular online keno game styles that you can choose from:

    • Split Keno Tickets
    • Combination Keno Tickets
    • Super Keno
    • King Keno Tickets

    Software Providers For Online Keno

    Almost all the top online casinos software providers such as Microgaming, Playtech, Cryptologic, IGT and others offer a variety of online keno games which you can view and play at most of the top online casinos on the net.