Online Roulette | Rules, Tips, Strategy & Roulette Casino Bonuses

    Roulette wheelAsk almost any person on the street to think of a casino game and more than half will probably think of online roulette first before any other sort of casino games. This is because the game of roulette is extremely iconic and also very fascinating. The spinning roulette wheel is quite similar to a wheel of fortune where anything can happen on a single spin. Roulette has also starred in many movies and has served as an iconic background in many films including a number of Bond movies and several classic casino heist movies. A recent survey also revealed that more new players to online casinos try online roulette at least once after slots and before most other casino games.

    History Of Roulette

    Online roulette is one of those ‘happy accident’ stories which so many great inventions often begin with. The game was developed after a famous French mathematician and inventor named Blaise Pascal accidentally invented the roulette wheel concept while researching and developing a perpetual motion device. The concept of the numbered wheel was further refined and a table added so that people could gamble comfortably. The game became instantly popular even though Pascal’s original intention to invent a device that could be self-powered perpetually failed. It is also interesting to note that the earlier versions of roulette, up until the middle of the nineteenth century, did not contain the number zero.

    The game of roulette had been quite a simple affair up until two brothers named Louis and Francois Blanc were commissioned by King Charles III of Monaco to refine the game for his express purposes of increasing the revenue of his little kingdom. The idea of adding the zero was a stroke of genius as it significantly increased the house (casino) advantage and the newly refined version of online roulette was opened to the general public. The king had after built a casino as a way to generate new money for his cash strapped kingdom and the roulette wheel was the main attraction.

    The refined version of roulette was enormously popular and within a fairly short space of time Monaco had increased its wealth exponentially and had secured its reputation as the gambling capital of Europe. The latter was also due however to the fact that France had also outlawed gambling, leaving the kingdom of Monaco as the only gambling destination open to French players.

    French roulette as it was known, eventually made its way across the Atlantic to the New World where the game was once again refined. This time another zero position was added with the aim of increasing the house advantage even more. The new “Double Zero” position meant that the new version of roulette now contained a total of thirty eight numbers which included the original one through to thirty six numbers plus the addition of the single zero and the addition of the double zero. The new version of roulette also received a name change and was rather appropriately called American roulette.

    Rules For Playing Online Roulette

    Online roulette is a fairly simple game to understand and to play, regardless of which version you are playing. The online roulette versions are merely digital or virtual versions of brick and mortar casinos and mimic every aspect of the original games. This includes the roulette wheel as well as the corresponding table upon which the wheel is set. The table is intended for players to place their bets on a grid that contains all of the numbers that are represented on the wheel as well as certain betting options that can be found outside the central grid of numbers.

    Online roulette on mobileTo begin playing online roulette, players around the table will place their chips on various betting options which include placing chips on a specific number to win, placing chips at intersecting numbers, at the end of a column of numbers and so on. There are quite a few betting options to consider which makes online roulette one of the most flexible casino games available. Once all of the best have been placed, the croupier or online roulette dealer will announce that no more bets can be placed before spinning the online roulette wheel.

    As the roulette wheel spins, the croupier then places a small ball with a special technique, allowing the ball to run freely along the wheel in the opposite direction to the spin. Once the wheel slows and comes to a complete rest, the ball will eventually find its way into one of the shallow pockets along the circumference of the wheel which is marked with a number. Depending on the type of online roulette being played, numbers along the roulette wheel are marked in opposite or in pairs.

    Each number is also marked in alternating black or red all along the wheel with the exception of the zero or double zero as the case may be, which is marked in green. Once the ball has come to rest in one of the pockets, the croupier will announce the winning number as well as its corresponding colour which will accommodate or answer inside and outside bets that have been placed. Winners will receive their original bet plus their winnings calculated at the appropriate odds and losing bets will be collected by the house (croupier).

    Tips For Playing Online Roulette

    Online roulette is one of the most popular games for experienced players who enjoy developing and employing various betting strategies to try and increase the success rate of their bets placed. Quite often, novice online roulette players find the table to be somewhat intimidating and it is therefore recommended that a thorough understand of online roulette betting options is obtained before playing.

    The best way to start playing online roulette is with outside betting. This type of betting option is so named because these bets take place outside of the numbered grid and are simpler and safer bets. The slight downside to these bets is that they offer much smaller odds of either even money (1:1) or 2:1 for certain bets. Basic outside bets include:

    • Betting on red to win
    • Betting on black to win
    • Betting on an odd number to win
    • Betting on an even number to win
    • Betting on 1st, 2nd or 3rd dozen to win
    • Betting on columns

    Popular Types Of Roulette

    Playing online roulette means that there are more variations to choose from above the standard French or American versions of online roulette. Most online casinos now offer European roulette which is more similar to the original French version with some of the traditional options removed for a faster game.

    Other version of online roulette include mini roulette which is even simpler than other versions of online roulette as well as live dealer online roulette. The latter is becoming increasingly popular as it allows online casino players the chance to experience a live casino with real dealers from the comfort of their own homes.

    Software Providers For Online Roulette

    There are quite a few online casino software providers producing great online roulette games although it is recommended to start with the most experience software brands which include Microgaming and Playtech, both designing and producing some of the very best online roulette games available.