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    If, by some chance, you happen to find yourself Down Under and want to try and win the jackpot, Australia’s national lottery has got you covered. Australia’s lottery is famous around the globe and provides people living inside and outside the country with a chance to become millionaires. Besides giving anyone over 18 a chance to become rich, it also has a charitable nature, raising money for various causes within the country, which is probably why they welcome foreign players as well.
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    Started in the early 90s, Oz Lotto requires its players to be a bit more involved than other lotteries. It has somewhat different rules, but is still immensely popular. Individuals playing via a syndicate or service can relax since they don’t even need to know the rules – just play and hope to win!

    Being the National Lottery, Oz Lotto is the biggest lottery in Australia. The draws occur once a week, with draw time every Tuesday evening at 8 o’clock. Players looking for the results can also find out if they’ve been lucky in the early hours of Wednesday.

    How to Take Part in Oz Lotto

    Unlike other lotteries, when it comes to Oz Lotto, the more you pay, the greater your chances to win. A single line can comprise of 7 to 11 numbers, and thus the cost of a ticket will go up with more numbers involved. In Oz Lotto, players can pick any number from 1 to 45, which makes for fewer balls and greater chances to win. To win a prize, all you need are 3 numbers. Winners are sorted into respective divisions, which place them in pools where they will have to share the jackpot amount. Those who guess more winning balls will receive a larger share of the prize.

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    Players who wish to increase their chances of winning can go for several ways that Oz Lott provides, which will, in turn, be much more rewarding:

    • Purchase more Oz Lotto tickets when the first ticket is bought or add more later
    • Quick Picks ensure that at least one of your numbers gets chosen
    • Paying extra increases the maximum numbers per line to 20

    Oz Lotto Payout

    The Oz Lotto jackpot pools are extraordinary, giving players opportunities to make wins with just several correct balls. The jackpot is always incredibly high, since it can be increased by inflation and ticket sales. On account of how many correct numbers you have, you can be put into a division or simply receive one of the top prizes. However, unlike the Thunderball or Powerball, Oz Lotto doesn’t require a mixture of numbers.

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    The first division in this lottery is the top of the pile, and can get you up to AUD111 million. The minimum jackpot that is paid out to the first division never goes under AUD2 million, with other pools added for other divisions. The chances of you winning any of the prizes offered by Oz Lotto are 1 in 8, but they are comparatively higher than in other lotteries.

    Final Thoughts on Oz Lotto

    Knowing is half the job, so now that you know the rules for Oz Lotto, you can try and get lucky. If you play in a syndicate, this might be the simplest way of getting your hands of the jackpot. The odds of 1 in 8 to score any prize are still very rewarding, so there is basically no real reason not to try your hand at Oz Lotto.
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