Paddy Power Introduces Facebook Messenger Bets

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    Paddy Power Facebook Messenger

    Up until now, Facebook Messenger has mostly been the go-to app when you have to send messages, both important and unimportant, to friends and family, often including lots of emojis and various stickers. But now, there could be a much more profitable use for your Messenger app with the introduction of an integrated betting system.

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    Bet via Facebook

    Paddy Power, a well-known casino brand in the UK and Ireland, in collaboration with Onionsack, has decided to launch the industry’s first ever chatbot that will directly enable betting via Facebook Messenger. Onionsack has been known for SAAS (Software As A Service) and their technical abilities that have been helpful to Paddy Power when it comes to creating its new and innovative Messenger service.

    For the first time, this new service by the betting specialist will let their UK and Irish customers make bets directly via the application. This is the very first foray of the company into this type of betting. There have been other companies that have tried to implement chatbots so that the customers could order pizza or look for recommendations for Netflix, but Paddy Power is officially the first from the betting niche.

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    The Onionsack platform will give the customers a chance to make bets and check their balance; the chatbot will be able to interpret messages and directly place the bets on behalf of the customer. They will provide the option of requesting push notifications, which will make keeping in touch with sports scores easier, especially if you have placed significant bets.
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    Seamless Integration

    Along with the mentioned benefits, the Messenger service will not need the customer to install any dedicated betting applications to make bets, which is quite convenient when you are on the go. Now bettors can place bets, watch Paddy Power’s videos, inquire on the latest info and blog contents, as well as follow podcasts and much more.

    The company’s product director Michael Healy noted that they were aware that their customers enjoyed mobile messaging apps, and that a chatbox on Facebook Messenger is the first logical step into the marketplace of chatboxes. They are the first bookmaker to come up with this idea and to they plan to market it heavily. Healy also states that the app will let their customers request odds and receive push notifications that are custom-made to their betting interests, with additional daily entertainment from Paddy Power.

    Paddy Power Facebook Messenger Onionsack platform

    Chatbots are still in their early infant stage, but the technology continues to improve and will eventually become more ‘human-like.’ The Onionsack platform is already highly regarded as one of the best in sports betting. It was only logical that Paddy Power would team up with a company that was also based in Ireland.

    This is a significant step in the right direction for Paddy Power, but more importantly for Onionsack. If this becomes a successful venture, Onionsack expects more bookmakers to follow in the steps of Paddy Power. Currently, there are more than a billion Messenger applications installed on mobile phones of active Facebook users, which shows there is a lot of potential out there for this kind of a betting app.

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